Web Designer Career | Jobs in Web Design – Description, Scope In India

By | June 26, 2014

Web Designer Career

Career in web designing is an innovative option in the field of design and requires visual design and proficiency with technology. Web designing refers to the creation of web pages and it is an essential part of IT industry, playing a key role in today’s life.

Web designers are the creative individuals who designs the web pages and websites and are responsible for arranges the pages, preparing a design plan, deciding which text, colours and backgrounds to use, adding multimedia features like sound, animation and video, testing and improving the design and site and uploading the site to a server.

One who wants to make career as a Web Designer firstly need to know what you’re getting into and must opt the appropriate course as per their ambition. Many courses are available for getting into it such as Software Photoshop, HTML, dHTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, GIF PHP, MYSQL, Joomla, AJAX, XML, Apache and many more.

Jobs in Web Design:

Web designers work in different industries and works as independent contractors to create web pages that should fulfill the wishes of clients and their brand identity. They perform their tasks with development teams for keeping the sites updated and prioritizing requirements.


Web designers have lots of job responsibilities and cover all aspects of creating a website. There essential duties are Writing and editing content, Designing webpage layout, Determining technical requirements, Updating websites, Creating back up files and Solving code problems.

They require vast knowledge in computer technology and website design to be competitive in the job market to meet the challenges of today’s competitive world and to access the needs of clients.

Scope of Web designer in India:

IT industry of India is growing its wings across the world and the demand of designers is growing day by day. Organizations are seeking qualified, creative and skilled professionals for creating their web sites. Scope of Web designer in India is rapidly increasing.

In software Industry:

Organizations such as Oracle, Wipro, Conizant, Satyam etc are hiring the professional in India for two tasks: For internal tasks such as managing their website and web development activities from clients. Role of the web designer is unavoidable and decisive in almost all the organizations of India.

 In media:

Today, Medium of communication is playing a vital role in India. Almost all advertisement agencies of India recruit ambitious and well educated professionals for web designing. There are ample job opportunities for the web designers in media. Demand of the designing professionals is increasing day by day.

In Education Industry:

The world is going animated and online day by day and educating or enlightening the students visually has lot of advantages. This will indirectly effect the growth and development of India. Animated study material pays more effect on the mind of a student to grasp the things easily and in enjoyable manner.

This career options leads to a progressive and successful career in IT Industry and is appropriate for those who have their interest in building a bright career in IT Industry. It requires passion, creativity.

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