UPTU Question Paper 2014 Old/Previous Year Papers, Sample Test Solved PDF

By | June 26, 2014

UPTU Question Paper 2014

Candidates who are preparing for UPTU Entrance Exam and searching for UPTU Question Paper 2014 can get the solved questions of Old/Previous Year Papers/Sample Test in the below section of this page. Uttar Pradesh Technical University conducts UPTU Entrance Exam every year for the admission in various technical UG and PG courses.

The team of bharatrecruitment.com is enlisting the previous year questions with their answers in the below section of this page. Aspirants must read them carefully. This will definitely prove beneficial for you and will help you in scoring good marks.

Organization Name:

Uttar Pradesh Technical University

UPTU Questions with their Answers:

1. A body is allowed to slide on a frictional less track from rest under-gravity. The track ends in a circular loop of diameter D. What should be the minimum height of the body in terms of D, so that it may successfully complete the loop?

(a) D

(b) D

(c) D

(d) 2D

Answer: (b)

2. A body is moving along a circular path with variable speed. It has

(a) a radial acceleration

(b) a tangential acceleration

(c) zero acceleration

(d) both tangential and radial accelerations

Answer: (d)

3. Mass of gas is 300 gm and its specific heat at constant volume is 750J/kg K. if gas is heated through 75°C at constant pressure of 105 N/m2, it expands by volume 0.08 ´ 106 cm3. find CP/CV.

(a) 1.4

(b) 1.374

(c) 1.474

(d) 1.5

Answer: (d)

4. A particle of mass m is hanging vertically by an ideal spring of force constant K. if the mass is made to oscillate vertically, its total energy is

(a)    Maximum at extreme position

(b)    Maximum at mean position

(c)    Minimum at mean position

(d)    Same at all positions

Answer: (d)

5. If by applying a force, the shape of a body is changed, then the corresponding stress is known as

(a)    Tensile stress

(b)      Bulk stress

(c)    Shearing stress

(d)      Compressive stress

Answer: (c)

6. The pressure just below the meniscus of water

(a)    Is greater than just above it

(b)    Is less than just above it

(c)    Is same as just above it

(d)    Is always equal to atmospheric pressure.

Answer: (b)

7. Buffer solutions have constant acidity and alkalinity because

(a)    They have large excess of H+ or OH– ions

(b)    They have fixed value of pH

(c)    These give unionised acid or base on reaction with added acid or alkali

(d)    Acids and alkalies in these solutions are shielded from attack by other ions

Answer: (c)

8. pH of a saturated solution of Ba(OH)2 is 12. The value of solubility product (Ksp) of Ba(OH)2 is

(a)    4.0 × 10–6

(b)    5.0 × 10–6

(c)    3.3 × 10–7

(d)    5.0 × 10–7

Answer: (d)

9. 0.023 g of sodium metal is reacted with 100 cm3 of water. The pH of the resulting solution is ______.

(a)    10

(b)    8

(c)    9

(d)    12

Answer: (d)

10. Fibrous thickenings of hygroscopic nature are found in this part of the anther wall:

(a)    Middle layers

(b)    Endothecium

(c)    Epidermis

(d)    Tapetum

Answer: (b)

11. Which type of DNA is found in bacteria?

(a)    Helical

(b)    Membrane bound DNA

(c)    Straight DNA

(d)    Circular free DNA

Answer: (d)

12. Cell wall of Gram positive bacteria is made up of

(a)    Murein

(b)    Cellulose

(c)    Lipid and Protein

(d)    Cellulose and Lipid

Answer: (a)

13. Enzymes are sensitive to

(a)    Cold

(b)    Cell wall

(c)    Heat

(d)    Pressure

Answer: (c)

14. Specificity of protein in enzyme action depends upon

(a)    Active sites

(b)    km constant

(c)    Linear sequence of amino acids

(d)    Turn over number

Answer: (c)

15. In which of the following organisms enzymes are absent

(a)    Fungi

(b)    Viruses

(c)    Algae

(d)    Bacteria

Answer: (b)

16. The Leydig cells as found in the human body are the secretory source of

(a)    Glucagon

(b)    Androgens

(c)    Progesterone

(d)    Intestinal mucus

Answer: (b)

17. All the terminator codons begin with the nucleotide of

(a)    Adenin

(b)    Uracil

(c)    Guanine

(d)    Cytosine

Answer: (b)

18. The population of a country increased by an average of 2% per year from 2000 to 2003. If the population of this country was 2 000 000 on December 31, 2003, then the population of this country on January 1, 2000, to the nearest thousand would have been:

(a)    1 846 000
(b)    1 852 000
(c)    1 000 000
(d)    1 500 000

Answer: (a)

19. When a metallic ball bearing is placed inside a cylindrical container, of radius 2 cm, the height of the water, inside the container, increases by 0.6 cm. The radius, to the nearest tenth of a centimeter, of the ball bearing is

(a)    1 cm

(b)    1.2 cm

(c)    2 cm

(d)    0.6 cm

Answer: (b)

20. If f(x) is an odd function, then | f(x) | is:

(a)    An odd function

(b)    An even function

(c)    Neither odd nor even

(d)    Even and odd

Answer: (b)

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