UPTET Sample Paper 2014 Download Previous Year Exam Solved Papers PDF

By | August 21, 2014

UPTET Sample Paper 2014

We have brought UPTET Sample Paper 2014 for the candidates preparing for Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test. The aspirants who want to Download Previous Year Solved Exam Papers should read this page.

UPTET Entrance Exam is conducted for hiring the eligible and talented teachers under Govt affiliated schools & colleges. Here on this page we are displaying question and answers of UPTET Sample Paper 2014 UPTET Previous Year Exam Solved Papers which will help the students to crack the exam.

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Check PDF Below:

UPTET Sample Paper

UPTET Syllabus for Paper I:

Subjects Type and No. of Questions Total Marks
Child development and pedagogy 30MCQ(Each) 30 marks(Each)
Language-I (English/Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi/Sindhi/Urdu)
Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi/Sindhi/Urdu)
Environmental Studies

UPTET Syllabus for Paper II:

Subjects Type and No. of Questions Total Marks
Child development and pedagogy 30MCQ (Each) 30 marks(Each)
Language-I (English/Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi/Sindhi/Urdu)
Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi/Sindhi/Urdu)
Mathematics & Science
Social Studies

UPTET Previous Year Exam Solved Papers

Ques.1) Supply an appropriate determiner: 1 have ……………… glass of milk every morning.

  1. The
  2. a
  3. any
  4. some

Ans.)  4

Ques.2) The temporary change in behavior due to continuous exposure to stimuli is called

  1. Habituation
  2. Learning
  3. Temporary learning
  4. Motivation.

Ans.)  1

Ques.3) The teachers should not use which of the following ways to change the attitudes of students?

  1. Coercive persuasion
  2. Repetition of idea or assertion
  3. Endorsement by an admired person
  4. Association of the message with a good feeling.

Ans.)  1

Ques.4) Which of the following statements regarding achievement motive is true ?

  1. Achievement motive is necessary for survival
  2. If the satisfaction of personal potentialities is emphasized, the achievement motive may be classified as a growth motive
  3. If the stress is on competition among people, the achievement motive can be considered a social motive
  4. All of these

Ans.)  4

Ques.5) During 6 to 10 years children start taking interest in

  1. Religion
  2. Human body
  3. Sex
  4. School.

Ans.)  4

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Ques.6) Which theory believes that human mind is like an iceberg mostly hidden and has three levels of consciousness?

  1. Trait theory
  2. Type theory
  3. Psychoanalytical theory
  4. Behaviorist theory.

Ans.)  3

Ques7) Which of the following has a correct sentence pattern ?

  1. He gave her a book
  2. He gave a book her
  3. He her gave a book
  4. He a book gave her

Ans.)  3

Ques.8) Complete the following sentence with the correct option : The sky suddenly became …………

  1. darkly
  2. dark
  3. darkness
  4. darken

Ans.)  2

Ques.9) Which one of the following words is a noun ?

  1. Write
  2. Wrote
  3. Written
  4. Writer

Ans.)  4

Ques. 10) Supply the correct pronoun : Arun and Lata have a house. ………… house is quite big

  1. Their
  2. His
  3. Her
  4. Theirs

Ans.) 3

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