UPCPMT Question Paper 2015 Download Solved Model /Sample Papers Free PDF

By | November 6, 2014

UPCPMT Question Paper 2015

Applicants who are preparing for the Uttar Pradesh Combined Pre Medical Test they can download UPCPMT Question Paper 2015 for better preparation. Candidates can download Solved UPCPMT Model /Sample Papers for Free in PDF format through this page.

Every aspirants wish to score excellent in the exam and preparation through the Solved Model Papers/ Sample papers helps them to know about the type of question asked in exam. Aspirants can also take the mock tests time to time to check their preparation status.

Here on the below section of this page, we the group members of bharatrecruitment.com is providing you UPCPMT Solved Model Paper 2015 through which candidates can make their preparation more strong and feel the confidence.

UPCPMT Question Paper 2015

Ques:1 When the current through the coil of an electromagnet reverses, the

Ques:2 What is the total pressure, in atmospheres, of a 10.0 L container that contains 10 moles of nitrogen gas and 10 moles of oxygen gas at 300 K?

Ques:3 Apophysis in the capsule of Funaria is

Ques:4 When two species of different genealogy come to resemble each other as a result of adaptation, the phenomenon is termed

Ques:5 The wavelength of sound in air is 10 cm. its frequency is, (Given velocity of sound = 330 m/s)

Ques:6 Of the metal Be, Mg, Ca, and Sr of group II-A of the periodic table, the least ionic chloride would be formed by

Ques:7 Steroid hormones easily pass through the plasma membrane by simple diffusion because they

Ques:8 Epithelium seen on skin, mouth cavity and tounge

Ques:9 In nucleus of uranium the number of neutrons will be

Ques:10 When a catalyst is added to a system at equilibrium, a decrease occurs in the

Ques:11 The type of ecosystem with the highest mean plant productivity is

Ques:12 On a pedigree tracing the inheritance of PKU, a horizontal line joins a black square and a half-black circle. What fraction of this couple’s children would you expect to suffer from PKU?

Ques:13 The work done in moving a unit positive charge across two points in an electric circuit is a measure of ___________.

Ques:14 The melting points and boiling points upto meddle of 3d- series

Ques:15 Which of the following maintains the patency (openness) of the trachea?

Ques:16 Causative agent of amoebiasis is

Ques:17 Which of the following lists types of electromagnetic radiation in order from least to greatest energy per photon?

Ques:18 Which of the following substances does not give iodoform test?

Ques:19 Reduction Division in micro-sporogenesis occurs when:

Ques: 20 Gene Mutation occurs at the time of:

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