UGC NET Question Papers With Answer Key – Previous Year Sample Paper 2014

By | June 13, 2014

UGC NET Question Papers With Answer Key

Aspirants who are doing UGC NET Preparation and looking for UGC NET Question Papers With Answer Key 2014 may take help from the below section. We are providing some previous year sample papers questions. This will surely proved beneficial for you.

 UGC NET is extremely challenging and competitive examination. UGC conducts this National Eligibility Test every year to select the eligible contenders for the post of lectureship and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF).

Further essential details are unfolded by the team of in the below section of this page. Candidates must have a look.

UGC NET Question Papers with Answer Key

Q1) World’s first man in space was


A) Neil Armstrong

B) Yuri Gagarin

C) Kalpna Chawla

D) Edwin Eldrin

Answer: Option B)Yuri Gagarin

Q2) Using antivirus software is a


A) Detective measure

B) Preventive measure

C) Corrective measure

D) All of the above

Answer: Option D) All of the above

Q3) Data in a computer can be represented as


A) Hexadecimal

B) Decimal

C) binary

D) All of the above

Answer: Option C) binary

Q4) which of the following is used to append a digital signature?


A) Public key

B) Private key

C) Digital key

D) none of these

Answer: Option B) Private key

Q5) The area covered by forest in India is about


A) 46%

B) 33%

C) 23%

D) 21%

Answer: Option D) 21%







Answer: Option C) PUT

Q7) An effective teacher adopts the norms of the


A) Democratic Society

B) Laissez Faire Society

C) Autocratic Society

D) All of these according to conditions

Answer: Option A) Democratic Socitey

Q8) the decline of the British Empire should have spelt the decline of English


A) The statement is a fact

B) The statement is an advice

C) The statement is an opinion

D) The statement is a prejudice

Answer: Option D) the statement is a prejudice

Q9) ATMs of bank have


A) emoney

B) Only money transferring capabilities

C) Real currency

D) None of these

Answer: Option C) real currency

Q10) Line access and avoidance of collision are the main functions of :


A) The CPU

B) The monitor

C) Network protocols

D) Wide area networks

Answer: Option C) network protocols

Q11) the word vitiate used in the second paragraph means


A) Tarnish

B) Destroy

C) Negate

D) Debase

Answer: Option D) debase

Q12) Which of the following is/ are true about shooting stars?


A) Certain objects which appear to fall from sky leaving a streak of light are called shooting stars.

B) They are also called meteors.

C) As there stars travels through atmosphere, these pieces become hot, burn and emit lightm thus acquiring brightness.

D) All of these

Answer: Option D) All of these

Q13) Laptop is a


A) Mini-computer

B) Micro-computer

C) Desktop PC

D) None of these

Answer: Option D) None of these

Q14) A member of UPSC holds office for a period of


A) 5 years

B) 7 years

C) Six years or sixty five years of age whichever is more.

D) Six years or sixty five years of age whichever is earlier.

Answer: Option D) Six years or sixty five years of age whichever is earlier.

Q15) The first Indian chronicler of Indian history was:


A) Megasthanese

B) Fahiyan

C) Huan Tsang

D) Kalhan

Answer: Option D) Kalhan

Q16) While Dealing with Juvenile Delinquents A Teacher Should


A) Play Them Filthy Jokes.

B) Talks with Them Frankly and Guide and Channelize

C) Complain To the Principal against Them

D) None of These

Answer: Option B) Talks With Them Frankly And Guide And Channelize

Q17) Which of The Following Is A Disadvantage Of Teaching Machine?


A) The Insurance of Attention

B) Their Universal Use for Different Kinds Of Programmes

C) The Tracking of Errors

D) All of These

Answer: Option A) The Insurance Of Attenion

Q17) The Greatest Important Cause Of Failure In The Beginning For A Teacher Lies In The Area Of:


A) Interpersonal Relationship

B) Verbal Ability

C) Knowledge of the Teacher

D) Light-Handling of the Student

Answer: Option A) Interpersonal Relationship

Q18) The Best Way To Reacty To A Wrong Answer Given By A Student Is :


A) To Scold Him for Not Having Learnt The Lesson

B) To Explain Why the Answer Is Wrong

C) To Ask another Student To Give The Correct Answer

D) To Ignore the Wrong Answer And Pass On The Next Question

Answer: Option B) To Explain Why The Answer Is Wrong

Q19) Which Of The Following Institutions Is Responsible For The Implementation Of Reforms In Teaching Profession?


A) University Grants Commission.

B) National Council for Teacher’s Education

C) National Council for Educational Research And Training

D) National Institute of Educational Planning And Administration.

Answer: Option D) National Institute Of Educational Planning And Administration.

Q20) Which of the Following Is Responsible For Uniformity In Curriculum At Higher Level In India?


A) University Grants Commission.

B) National Council for Educational Research And Training

C) Human Resource Development Ministry

D) All India Council for Technical Education

Answer: Option A) University Grants Commission.

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