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By | June 10, 2014

TNPSC VAO Model Question Paper With Answers

Tamil Nadu public service commission (TNPSC) conducts VAO(Village Administrative Officer) exam every year to recruit the talented aspirants for the vacant positions. 

TNPSC VAO Model Question Paper is the right way of practicing for the TNPSC exams. Applicants may check or download the question papers with answers in English in the form of pdf file and can also go through the last year paper.

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 TNPSC VAO Model Question Paper with Answers

Q-1) The AIADMK in Tamil Nadu They first came to power in

a)    1972

b)    1977

c)    1982

d)    1984

Ans-) b

Q-2) The financial crisis which proclaimed under section?

a)    Rule -356

b)    Rule -360

c)    Rule -352

d)    Rule -350

Ans-) b

Q-3) The presence of mangroves

a)    coastal and delta regions

b)    cliffs and valleys

c)    plateaus and valleys

d)    plains and plateaus

Ans-) a

Q-4) 1 degree of longitude pass the time taken for the Earth

a)    5 minutes

b)    24 hours

c)    4 min

d)    2 minutes

Ans-) c

Q-5) Tamil Nadu might receive higher rainfall months

a)    January – March

b)    April – June

c)    July – September

d)    October – December

Ans-) c

Q-6) What is the full form of LCD?

a)    Liquid Crystal Display

b)    Light controlled Decoder

c)    controlled Laser Device

d)    None of these

Ans-) a

Q-7) Locate the following different number

5, 7, 9, 17, 23, 37

a)    5

b)    9

c)    37

d)    23

Ans-) b

Q-8) First Amendment to the Constitution of the Year

a)    1950

b)    1951

c)    1952

d)    1953

Ans-) b

Q-9) Who will host the presidential election?

a)    Lok Sabha Speaker

b)    General Secretary of the National Assembly

c)    Chief Justice of India

d)    Election Commission of India

Ans-) d

Q-10) What is the capital of King Thirumalai Nayak?

a)    Woraiyur

b)    Madurai

c)    Thanjavur

d)    pumpuhar

Ans-) c

Q-11) Get majority district in the state petroleum

a)    Thanjavur

b)    Pudukkottai

c)    Thiruvarur

d)    Nagapattinam

Ans-) d

Q-12) The author of the play nititevan Allure

a)    Warder

b)    K. S.. Manohar

c)    S. Sundaram

d)    TK Murthy

Ans-) a

Q-13) Teachers’ Day is celebrated on

a)    November 14

b)    September 14

c)    September 5

d)    May 1

Ans-) c

Q-14) The world’s sugar bowl

a)    Cuba

b)    Java

c)    India

d)    China

Ans-) a

Q-15) High tea producing State

a)    Nadu

b)    Assam

c)    Karnataka

d)    Kerala

Ans-) b

Q-16) Where the Buddha first preached?

a)    caranat

b)    Sanchi

c)    Gaya

d)    Varanasi

Ans-) a

Q-17) The best mathematician who lived in the Gupta period

a)        ariyapattar

b)        varakamikira

c)        Brahmagupta

d)        Panappattar

Ans-) a

Q-18) How does the energy produced by the sun?

a)        Nuclear fission

b)        nuclear fusion

c)        burned gases

d)        If hydrogen is

Ans-) b

Q-19) The members of the Government Commission

a)    elected by the people

b)    elected by parliament

c)    appointed by the President

d)    appointed by the Cabinet Committee

Ans-) c

Q-20) What is dry ice?

a)    Deleted ice pieces in water

b)    ice, salt is added

c)    Solid carbon dioxide

d)    Heavy titamakkappatta

Ans-) c

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