TCS Placement Papers 2015 Latest Paper Pattern Download Online PDF

By | August 13, 2014

TCS Placement Papers 2015

Tata Consultancy Services conducts recruitment exams for various vacant positions or training purpose time to time. TCS placement papers 2015 are very helpful for the best practicing of these examinations. Applicants who are preparing and want to check the TCS Latest Paper Pattern they can get it or download online PDF on this web page which is being publicized by the team of the portal

TCS Placement Papers

1. When small castings are to be produced in large numbers, the type of pattern generally used will be

2. Cylindrical bores are measured using

3. The operation of finishing a drilled hole to the correct size is known

4. One of the most important techniques of establishing the standard time of doing a job is through

5. Hardened gears are finished by

6. The tool life is affected to the maximum extent by

7. The centrifugal tension in belts

8. A process in which no heat is supplied or rejected and entropy is constant is known as

9. A belt can transmit maximum power when the total tension of the drive is

10. Curtis turbine is a

11. Draft on a pattern is provided for

12. Welding defect called Arc blow occurs in

13. In a flow through nozzle, the steam undergoes

14. The unit of power is SI unit is

15. The internal energy of a gas is a

16. If the acceleration due to gravity is doubled at any place, the weight of the body will be

17. The coefficient of Performance for a refrigerator will be

18. A lift descends with an acceleration of 0.5 metres/sec^2 from the top floor of a multistoried building. The time required to travel a distance of 25 metres will be

19. A stone of mass 1 kg tied to a string of 1 metre long is rotated in a horizontal circle at a constant angular speed of 5 rad/sec, then the tension in the string will be

20. For the steam which is initially saturated andflowing through a nozzle, the ratio of pressures at exit and inlet for maximum discharge is equal to

TCS Latest Paper Pattern:

The selection procedure of TCS consists of three following rounds:

A. Written Test- (aptitude, reasoning, verbal ability)

B. Technical Interview

C. HR Interview

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TCS Written Test Pattern

  • Total Number of Questions: 35
  • Time Limitation: 80 minutes
  • Negative Mark: 1/3 for every wrong answer

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