TCS Interview Experience 2015 – Share Latest Experience/Selection Process

By | March 25, 2015

TCS Interview Experience 2015

Hi Friends,

I am Deepti Arora from SRMS college of Engineering and Technology.

There are lots of companies came in my college campus for recruitment purpose and by blessing of God, I got placed in one of the top companies in India i.e. TCS. Today here I am going to share my TCS Interview Experience as well as all the phases involved in TCS selection process.

A very interesting experience in TCS interview and I can’t forget that day in my whole life. Cracking TCS interview process is quite challenging as it needs a lot of preparations. Here I am going to share latest experience that happened to me and how I got placement in this reputed company.

My TCS Interview Experience

Before starting this recruitment process, a day before there was an announcement in our campus in which a little bit of introduction related to company and its work was given. I was very excited and in the same time feeling so nervous about this recruitment.

TCS selection process

On the next day, TCS interview process begins and this process completed in three phases i.e. Aptitude round, Technical interview and final phase i.e. HR interview. I am explaining in detail about all these phases used in my TCS selection process.

Phase One:

Aptitude Test:

The Aptitude Test section is divided into further two parts i.e. verbal test and quantitative aptitude. In verbal section test, questions related to grammar, active passive, email writing was there. No negative marking in this round. Quantitative aptitude is divided into two parts, in one part questions from number series and from other part numerical aptitude questions came like Time and Work, Profit and Loss, Simple Interest, Compound Interest etc. were asked.

How to prepare for Phase 1:

To crack this phase, you must practice all previous year TCS Placement Papers as almost 90% questions are from there only. You can also prepare for apti test by solving questions from RS Aggarwal.

Phase Two:

After 3-4 days I got the information that I had cleared my Aptitude test phase and after that I got a mail regarding date and time of interview.

Technical Interview

I reached the venue before one hour and start waiting for my turn of Interview. The wait finishes after a short time and my name was called to enter in interview room. As I entered in the room, there were three persons sitting two male members and one female. I wished all of them and they asked me to sit down.

Interviewer: Introduce yourself?

Me: I Replied.

Int: Have you any knowledge of computer course?

Me: Yes sir, I know C, C++.

Int: Differentiate between CDMA and GSM

Me: Global System for Mobile means specification of whole wireless network whereas Code division multiple access is a communication channel which has a special coding scheme.

Int: What are types of modulation?

Me: Amplitude modulation, Frequency modulation and Phase Modulation.

Int: What is Need of modulation?

Me: Modulation is needed to increase bandwidth of signals.

Int: Tell me what is the difference between C and HTML?

Me: C is a programming language and HTML is a markup language. It is used for designing purpose.

Int: Differentiate interpreter and compiler?

Me: Interpreter checks the code line by line whereas compiler compiles whole code at one time.

Int: You told that you have knowledge of C++, and then tell me what is inheritance?

Me:  In C++, inheritance means when a new class came into existence from base class.

Int: What is an object?

Me: Data and functions are bind in one unit called as object.

Int: What is a class?

Me: Class tells the behavior and properties of objects.

Int: If relocation is done in India, then you have any problem?

Me: No sir.

Int: Are you aware of the Bond?

Me: Yes sir.

Int: Thank you. You can go now.

Me: Thank you sir.

Phase Three:

After completing Technical Interview, they asked me to wait and after some time I was asked to go for HR round. I feel so happy and relaxed at that time that I had cleared technical phase.

HR Interview

I had to wait a lot in this interview round as my turn was nearly last one. So, in the mean time I asked my fellow candidates that what they were asked in this round and I always got a positive feedback. Finally my turn came and I entered that room. There was a lady sitting in that room and was looking very lenient. She asked me some questions which I had stated below.

1. Give a brief introduction about yourself.

2. Why we placed you in this company?

3. Can you work in a team and if yes, give some example where you have worked as a team?

4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

5. If relocation is required, are you okay with that?

6. Are you Okay with working over weekends?

7. What do you know about TCS? Can you name some competitors?

8. Who founded TCS and who is the CEO of TCS?

9. What do you do in your free time?

10. How much salary you are expecting?

Wrapping up my TCS Interview Experience

After finishing this round, I said thanked to the interviewer and came outside of the room. After some time name of candidates who got placed has been announced.  I felt so delighted when my name was called up and I thanks to God.

Dear aspirants if you are willing to try for this company, then take seriously everything what I had shared and be confident and answer every question with your full confidence.

Candidates who are going to face interview at TCS and have full passion and dedication as Ms. Deepti Arora had at its interview time, then you should also prepare like her and get success in interview. If anyone wants to share their interview experience with us, then you are warm welcomed on our web portal i.e.

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