TANCET Previous Year Question Papers, Sample Papers (MBA) With Solutions

By | November 5, 2014

TANCET Previous Year Question Papers

Applicants who are preparing for the Tamilnadu Common entrance test to get admission in MBA and searching for the TANCET Previous Year Question Papers they can check the Sample papers with the solutions on this web portal.

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TANCET Sample Papers With Solutions

Ques.1) Sand stone is

Ques.2) If the furnace is provided with insufficient fuel at low temperatures, the type of pig iron produced, is called

Ques.3) Stainless steel contains

Ques.4) Pick up the hypabyssal rock from the following:

Ques.5) Depending on the chemical composition and mechanical properties, iron may be classified as

Ques.6) The centre of gravity of a triangle is at the point where three

Ques. 7) The forces which meet at one point and have their lines of action in different planes are called

Ques.8) At a given instant ship A is travelling at 6 km/h due east and ship B is travelling at 8 km/h due north. The velocity of B relative to A is

Ques.9) The equation of motion of a particle starting from rest along a straight line is x = t3 - 3t2 + 5. The ratio of the accelerations after 5 sec and 3 sec will be

Ques.10) The locus of the instantaneous centre of a moving rigid body, is

ques.11) The ratio of the actual damping coefficient to the critical damping coefficient is called damping factor.

Ques.12) When a body moves with simple harmonic motion, the product of its periodic time and frequency is equal to

Ques.13) In a vibrating system, if the actual damping coefficient is 40 N/m/s and critical damping coefficient is 420 N/m/s, then logarithmic decrement is equal to

Ques.14) For high speed engines, the cam follower should move with

Ques.15) In a coupling rod of a locomotive, each of the four pairs is a __________ pair.

Ques.16) The quenching of steel from the upper critical point results in a fine grained structure.

Ques.17)  An alloy steel which is work hardenable and which is used to make the blades of bulldozers, bucket wheel excavators and other earth moving equipment contain iron, carbon and

Ques.18) Which of the following has a fine gold colour and is used for imitation jewelry?

Ques.19) When the steel is normalized, its

Ques.20. White cast iron has a high tensile strength and a low compressive strength.

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