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By | March 31, 2015

SSB Interview Experience 2015

Hello friends,

I am Palash Khurana from Varanasi and decided to share my SSB Interview Experience for all those passionate aspirants who had a dream to get a job in Indian Armed Forces. As jobs in Indian Armed Forces is of great regard and due to this lot of contenders are attracted towards it and wants to grow their career in this field only.

Here by sharing my SSB Interview Experience 2015, I want to help those who are thinking that SSB is an examination which can be cleared or qualified by reading from books. I want to tell you that whether you are a topper or an average student in your school or college time, it doesn’t effects at your SSB preparation. Only you need to have full passion and dedication during days which you are being tested.

If you are taking any coaching or tuition, then its good but one thing you must remember that natural performance is far much better. I had met many contenders who are not able to clear SSB interview in first attempt but they don’t lose their hope and try their best to get succeeded. I am also one amongst them and finally I got succeeded in my fourth attempt.

Many of us are not aware about SSB selection Procedure, as I had experienced SSB Interview in my life, so I will clear all your doubts related to SSB interview procedure. You can also take some help from given SSB interview tips to gain knowledge about the things which you have to do at your interview time.

My SSB Interview Experience 2015

Prior to interview, I got SSB call letter under which venue was written i.e. South Selection Board Bangalore. I packed my bags and went to railway station so as to reach the interview venue at correct time. After reaching Bangalore railway station, I saw a bus was arranged which took the contenders at South Selection Centre.

Finally I visit to my selection point and after visiting some duty officers gave welcomed speech and tell us about the things which we have to do at SSB and which don’t. After that speech .we all were sent to our allotted rooms for rest. SSB Selection Procedure is started from next day, so I was eagerly waiting for tomorrow and this time I want to achieve my dream position.

SSB Selection Procedure

Day -1 (Screening Test)

I got up early in the morning and dressed up very neat and tidy in a very comfortable way. After that I went to the room where test is going to be conducted.

  • Officer’s Intelligence Rating:

The first test which is going to be conducted is Officer’s Intelligence Rating in which there were simple questions asked to check individual’s intelligence. I did my best in this paper and completed whole test in given time period.

  • Picture Perception and Discussion test:

After completion of OIR test, this test was conducted under which we were given a picture symbolizing something and we have to predict it what is going in that scene and made a story from that scene. Everyone was writing the story in its own way and I was trying to make it in a short and simple way without wasting any time. I search cause, problem, effect and solution in that story and easily narrate it.

After completion of both rounds, it’s time for announcement of results and I was pretty sure this time that I definitely got selected for next round and this too happened also. I got selected and those whose names were not called, they all return back to home.

DAY: 2 (Psychology Test)

The next day, I also walk up early, took my breakfast and report at testing area where all my fellow candidates were also there. On second day, testing procedure was:

  • TAT (Thematic Appreciation Test):

In this test we had given 11 to 12 pictures and which was seen only for 30 seconds and after seeing it, we have to narrate about those pictures by making a full story description of it in 4minutes.

The last page was left blank and we had to write a story of our imagination on it. I wrote all stories which seems to be actual and all in positive way.

  • WAT (Word Association Test):

In this section, word was given and we had to made meaningful sentences from that word. Nearly, a total of 60 words were given and duration for each word is 15seconds. I attempted approximately 56 words in that given time and I was happy with my performance.

  • SRT (Situation Reaction Test):

Under this 60 situations were given and we have to write about those situations as it was happening with me only. Half an hour is given for writing about these situations. I do pretty well in this as I was not expecting from me but I was happy with my performance.

Thus, all tests for second day finishes and we all went to our room’s .After taking some rest we all enjoyed and talked about ourselves and also played a lot.

DAY: 3 (GTO Tests 1)

GTO refers to Group Testing Officer. In this test we were informed to dress up in complete white clothes and were given instructions that before starting round we all had to meet GTO as he wants to give some speech before starting the test.

After completion of speech, SSB interview procedure of third day starts. The tests conducted are as:

  • Group Discussion:

We had given a topic on women empowerment and unemployment i.e. simple topics were given under which lots of points are there to talked about .I was quite happy after listening those topics and prepare all important and relevant points in my mind.

I don’t want to show any kind of indiscipline during this round so I kept quite at starting time where many fellow candidates were creating lot of noise while putting their suggestions. I took a mid way and gave my solid points only and when required.

  • GPE (Group Planning Exercise):

We had given a situation in this round where we have to logically find answers of it by using given resources and after that we have to write solution in our sheets. After that group discussion on that topic began to start and I follow the same procedure as I had do in the earlier round.

  • GOR (Group Obstacle Race):

In this round GTO wants to check our ability that how we managed to work in group. The group has to make a team and hold together and crosses the given obstacles. In this race, our team crosses all obstacles but came fifth but I was quite satisfied with my performance.

  • PGT (Progressive Group task):

This round is considered as main task of third day where we have to carry all group members by using a rope but we got struck in between and GTO has to intervene between the tasks. I felt this task frustrating and annoying but at last we completed it.

  • Lecturette:

Under this test, four topics were written in a chit, we have to choose one chit and select only one topic from that chit and speak for 3 minutes on chosen topic.

Overall my day was hectic and got tired, so after completing all rounds I came at my quarter and sleep.

DAY: 4 (GTO Tests 2)

After taking my breakfast, I went to the ground where GTO was already standing there.

  • IOR (Individual Obstacle Race):

In this race we had given numbers on obstacles and after passing each obstacle, the number allotted on them will be added and will be summed up at last. There will be 3 minutes given for crossing those obstacles. I was first in this round, so this task proofs to be best for me.

  • Command Task:

Before this task started, GTO gives us some instructions related to task and also show an example by doing it. The task seems to be difficult one and we were given two subordinates for help. The task was performed by using rope, planks and a wooden log and we have to reach finish line. If we don’t reach at ending point, then our task will not be considered as finished.

I got obstructed in this task and finally with help of GTO and two subordinates I completed it.

  • HGT (Half Group Task):

In this our group was divided into two parts and each has to give performances separately with the help of planks and ropes. Both groups had to work separately to cross one obstacle. We did the work according to given instructions and at last we completed it.

  • FGT (Final Group task):

This task is same as HGT but here we have to work in groups instead of dividing the teams. The obstacle given in this task was quite complex and as in this task whole group is united, so we done in less time and with easiness.

DAY: 5 (Conference and Results):

Finally, the last day came i.e. result evaluation day. As the procedure had to be started late but I can’t slept although I am confident this time because I had done pretty well but still nervousness about result declaration remains in my mind.

We have to visit conference area at 7’o clock. I arrived at correct time along with my fellow contenders and after few seconds President of Board started his speech. Finally result announcement is going to be started; president announces the names of winning contenders. I felt so glad after listening my name and tears came out of my eyes.

So, contenders this was the entire SSB Interview Experience 2015 shared by Palash Khurana on our web portal and we the team of hopes that now you get some general views about SSB interview procedure. If you guys also had some interview experiences, then share with us, we will definitely post on our portal.

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