Saurashtra University Syllabus 2016 BCA /B.Com/M.Com/BBA Semester Wise

By | June 26, 2015

Saurashtra University Syllabus

Saurashtra University SyllabusCandidates who are looking for Saurashtra University Syllabus 2016 have reached at the right place. Here we are providing Semester wise Saurashtra University Syllabus for BCA, B.Com, M.Com and BBA so that candidates need not waste their time in searching for the University syllabus.

Candidates must go through all the sections of Saurashtra University Syllabus 2016 provided below to get a best score in exams. Candidates are very eagerly waiting for the syllabus can download it semester wise to start their preparation for the upcoming exams.

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Saurashtra University Syllabus

Students may check Saurashtra University Syllabus 2016 for B.Com and other courses. You can also download the syllabus by the direct links given below:

B.Com – Semester – I syllabus:

1. Business Economics – I:

  • Unit I – Business Economics
  • Unit II- Basic concept
  • Unit III- Concept of Price Elasticity
  • Unit IV- Production Function
  • Unit V- Production cost analysis

 2. Financial Accounting – I:

  • Unit I: Introduction
  • Unit II: Amalgamation of partnership firms
  • Unit III: Accounts of Non Profit Organizations
  • Unit IV: Accounts of piecemeal distribution of cash among partners
  • Unit V : Accounts of Joint life policy

3.  Company Law – I:

  • Unit I : Historical Development of Company Law in India
  • Unit II: Joint Stock Company: Types and Formation
  • Unit III: Documents required for formation of a company
  • Unit IV: Share Capital
  • Unit V: Procedure for issue of shares

 4.  Business Administration- I:

  • Unit I: Introduction to Management
  • Unit II: Planning
  • Unit III: Organizing
  • Unit IV: Overview of Staffing and Directing
  • Unit  V: Controlling

 5.  Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship – I:

  • Unit I: Entrepreneur
  • Unit II: Emergence of Entrepreneurial Class
  • Unit III: Principles of Entreqreneurship’s  Behaviour
  • Unit IV: Entrepreneurship
  • Unit V: Social responsibility and Accountability

6.  Fundamentals of Marketing – I:

  • Unit I: Introduction of Marketing
  • Unit II: Marketing Organization & Environment, Marketing Environment
  • Unit III: Marketing Mix
  • Unit IV: Physical Distribution
  • Unit V: Price Mix & Promotion Mix

 7. Computer Application & IT – I:

  • Unit I: Definition of computer, Input Devices , Output Devices, Types of Memory, Storage Devices
  • Unit II: Conversions
  • Unit III: Internet concept, Internet services, Internet connection methods, Addressing, Overview
  • Unit IV: MS-Word
  • Unit V: MS-Excel

 8.  SSP – I:

  • Unit I: Salesmanship Introduction
  • Unit II: Personal Selling
  • Unit III: Selling concepts
  • Unit IV: Sales promotion concepts
  • Unit V: Sales Organization

9.   Mathematics – I:

  • Set concepts
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Different methods
  • Other concepts

10.  BRF – I:

  • Unit I: Introduction to Business Regulatory Framework
  • Unit II: Indian Contract Act – 1872
  • Unit III: Sale of goods Act – 1930
  • Unit IV: Consumer Protection Act 1986
  • Unit V: Competition Act – 2002

11.  Accounting & Finance – I:

  • Unit  I : Single entry accounting system
  • Unit II: Royalty Accounts
  • Unit III: Voyage Accounts
  • Unit IV: Finance
  • Unit V: Sources of Finance

12.  Business Management – I (Personnel Management):

  • Unit I: Concepts of HRM
  • Unit II: Career and Succession Planning
  • Unit III: Induction & Socialization
  • Unit IV: Job evaluation & Wage Determination
  • Unit V: Dispute Resolution & Grienvance  Management, Employee
  • Empowerment

13. Banking – I:

  • Unit I: Evolution of Banking
  • Unit II: Functions of Bank
  • Unit III: Procedure for opening of deposit account
  • Unit IV: Closure of accounts
  • Unit V : Methods of Remittances
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