Reasoning Preparation Tips (Quantitative, Logical Aptitude Reasoning)

By | August 23, 2014

Reasoning Preparation Tips

Reasoning is the major part that we face in all the examinations of Public Sector as well as Private Sectors which are conducted to recruit the candidates. We appear for numerous aptitude tests right after passing of our tenth standard. Without a systematic preparation, it is hard to pass these extremely competitive aptitude tests.

We think, why not a string on tips to practice for these aptitude nightmares begin. Well, foremost pour itself would be – Do not think aptitude tests as nightmares. Just track a number of easy tricks and you can master them all.

“A problem will be always a problem if you see it as a Problem”

To start off with today, we are providing some tips in this article to tackle the quantitative reasoning and Logical Aptitude Reasoning section, so that you can prepare better.

How to Prepare For Written Exam

Aptitude Questions and Answers

Some basic tips to for a better preparation are:

  • Clear your fundamentals
  • Understand the logics
  • Take advice from experts
  • Prefer help from books
  • Prefer online moke test

Topic Wise Quantitative, Logical Aptitude Reasoning Preparation Tips:

Sitting arrangement questions:

In every exam, Applicants will find at least one question set from sitting arrangement questions. If Contenders will solve this set, then surely he/she will crack sectional cutoff. Great and easy way to solve sitting arrangement questions is to step into the deep of subject. This will help Aspirants solving every these type of question quickly.

Ex- A, P, R, X, S and Z are sitting in a row. S and Z are in the centre. A and P are at the ends. R is sitting to the left of A. Who is to the right of P?

A.       A

B.       X

C.       S

D.       Z

Ans B


Syllogism is also an admired topic in bank exams. Greatest technique to solve these questions is by drawing circles. Applicants don’t need any super-power to draw circles; the power is the practice of it. Progressively you will experience perfection in your speed as well as accuracy.

For Ex

i)           All X are Y



The easiest part that the applicants can solve is series; any series question can be solved within 20 seconds. Never study any method for these questions. Piece setter is not a fool; he/she is not asking for AP, GP or HP questions. Just try to hit upon a pattern in the series and solve it.

Age problems:

Superlative method to solve Age problem questions is to step into the depth of subject. In each exam entrants will see at least 1 question from this chapter.

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Tips To For Attempting Quantitative, Logical Aptitude Reasoning Questions:

  • Query given to you, do not have a sightless statement that it will be hard. What an individual think is, any question cannot be hard. It may be tricky only. There is huge dissimilarity between ‘Hard’ and ‘Tricky’.
  • Do not waste extra time for any question more than that, and make sure in that time while attempting the question paper your mind should not stroll anywhere else.
  • Focus and crack a set of questions. Do not leave questions if they seem to be hard. Try to effort entirely, looking at the answer.
  • Have a fresh brain before facing any Reasoning test. There should be not anything which is able to interrupt you. If you are distressed, even a straightforward quadratic equation problem will seem hard to you. This is because your mind is not even making an effort to crack it.
  • Answer each question, recognize the logic and observe how they have cracked. Practice the illustrations, one time you are perfect with it, attempt to answer the unsolved queries.

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