Osmania University Syllabus 2016 MBA/BCom/MCA/Engg Semester Wise PDF

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Osmania University Syllabus

Osmania University SyllabusApplicants who are going to participate in Semester Wise exam for MBA/B.Com/MCA/Engg in Osmania University required Osmania University Syllabus 2016 to prepare well. here we are providing Osmania University Syllabus for various courses.

Osmania University is a public state university and offers various UG, PG courses and conduct semester wise exam every year.

Dear students you all are informed that here on this page we are providing Osmania University Syllabus 2016 for MBA/BCom/MCA/Engg Semester Wise exam.

Osmania University Syllabus

MBA Semester wise Syllabus

Semester – I syllabus

  • Managerial Economics
  • Statistics for Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Government and Business
  • Financial Accounting Analysis
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Management Organization Theory

Semester – II

  • Computer Lab – Personal Productivity Tool
  • Economic Environment Policy
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing Research
  • Financial Management
  • Computer Concepts Applications
  • Operations Research
  • Operations Management

Osmania University Time Table

Semester – III


  • Management Accounting Control
  • Business Law Regulation
  • Information Systems
  • Decision Analysis
  • Elective – I
  • Elective – II

Semester – IV


  • Strategic Management
  • International Business
  • Elective – III
  • Elective – IV
  • Electives
  • Marketing
  • Sales Distribution Management
  • Buyer Behavior
  • Product Management
  • Advertising Sales Promotion Management
  • Finance
  • International Finance
  • Risk Analysis Management
  • Strategic Financial Decision
  • Security Analysis Portfolio Management

International Business

  • International Finance (Common with Finance Elective)
  • International Trade Laws
  • Export Promotion Trade Management
  • International Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Relations Management
  • Performance Appraisal Counselling
  • Human Resource Development: Perspectives Practices
  • Organization Development Team Building

Written Exam Tips / Techniques

BCom Ist Year Syllabus

B.Com. (General) Degree Course (I Year) (Financial Accounting)

  • UNIT-I Introduction to Accounting
  • UNIT – II Subsidiary Books and Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • UNIT-III Trial Balance, Final Accounts; Errors and Rectification
  • UNIT IV Consignment and Joint Ventures
  • UNIT V Depreciation – Provisions and Reserves

B.Com. (General) Degree Course (I Year) Business Economics

  • Unit – I Introduction
  • Unit – II Demand, Supply and Market Equilibrium
  • Unit – III Production and Costs
  • Unit – IV Market Structure and Factors of Production
  • Unit – V National Income, Trade Cycles and International Trade

B.Com (General) Degree Course (I Year) Business Organization And Management

  • Unit -1 Fundamental Concepts
  • Unit – II Forms of Organization, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and Joint Hindu Family
  • Unit – III Joint Stock Company
  • Unit – IV Management, Planning and Decision Making
  • Unit – V Organizing

B.Com (General) Degree Course (I Year) Fundamentals Of Information Techonology

  • Unit – I Introduction to computers
  • Unit – II Operating System and Windows
  • Unit – III  MS Office I
  • Unit – IV MS Office II
  • Unit- V Internet & E commerce

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IInd Year

B.Com (General) Degree Course (II Year)( Advanced Accounting)

  • UNIT-I Accounts from Incomplete Records – Hire Purchase and Installment Purchase System
  • UNIT-II Branch and Departmental Accounts
  • UNIT-III Accounting of Non-Profit Organizations
  • UNIT-IV Partnership Accounts
  • UNIT-V Company Accounts

B.Com (General) Degree Course (II Year) Business Statistics

  • UNIT-I Introduction to Statistics
  • UNIT – II Measures of Central Tendency
  • UNIT – III Measures of Dispersion and Skewness
  • UNIT – IV Measures of Relation
  • UNIT – V Analysis of Time Series & Index Numbers

B.Com (General) Degree Course (II Year) Financial Services Banking & Insurance

  • Unit – I Introduction to Financial Services
  • Unit – II Banking Systems and its Regulation
  • Unit – III Banker and Customer, Loans and Advances
  • Unit – IV Financial Markets & Services
  • Unit – V Types of Insurance and Its Regulation

B.Com (General) Degree Course (II Year) Taxation

  • UNIT I  Introduction(Income Tax) (Wealth Tax)
  • Unit-II Income from salary
  • Unit-III Depreciation
  • Unit – IV Income from other sources
  • Unit – V Indirect taxes Customs duty

How to Improve Study Skills

IIIrd Year

B.Com. (General) Degree Course (III Year) Corporate Accounting

  • UNIT-I Accounting Standards – Valuation of Goodwill and Shares
  • UNIT-II Company Final Accounts – Issue of Bonus Shares and Profits Prior to Incorporation
  • UNIT-III Amalgamation and Internal Reconstruction
  • UNIT-IV Bank Accounts
  • UNIT-V Accounts of Insurance Companies

B.Com. (General) Degree Course (III Year) Cost and Management Accounting

  • Unit-I Introduction
  • Unit-II Elements of Costs
  • Unit-III Methods of Costing
  • Unit-IV Costing Techniques for Decision making
  • Unit-V Financial Statement Analysis

B.Com (General) Degree Course (III Year) Business Law

  • UNIT-I Contract Act
  • UNIT – II Discharge of a Contract
  • UNIT – III Sale of Goods Act
  • UNIT IV Consumer Protection Act and Intellectual Property Rights
  • UNIT V Company Law

B.Com (General) Degree Course (III Year) Auditing

  • Unit-I Introduction to Auditing
  • Unit-II Planning of Audit and Control
  • Unit-III Vouching and Audit of Financial Statements
  • Unit-IV Audit of Institutions
  • Unit-V Report Writing

Osmania University MCA Syllabus


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