Online Study Material For Preparation –Download, Searching Techniques

By | December 8, 2014

Online Study Material For Preparation

  • Today in this internet era it’s not difficult to get info about anything. Even, if you want to find books or a preparation kit, you can Download Online Study Material for Your preparation easily but, it’s very important to have good Searching Techniques to do so. We have discussed here some powerful tips to find preparation kit online.
  • As many students are preparing for various competitive exams so it’s difficult to search any particular topic or any book of that topic if you don’t know how to search it. Internet is available for our convenience so it’s better to use it for our help.
  • With the help of this article you can get some you can get some Searching Techniques by which you can easily get resources  for your Study Material and with the help of this you can easily prepare for you exam.

Download and Searching Techniques

1. Decide What You Want To Search:

First of all it’s necessary to decide What You Want to Search. You should think if you are looking for a particular topic or a book for any subject. Make clear in your mind that what kind of information you want.

2. Sort Best Search Engine:

Now main thing is to select the Best search engine from which you can get best result in regard of your query. You should select the search engine which is having the top rank.

3. Search Your Keyword:

Your search should be on the basis of your query. There is two criteria by which you can search for your keyword.

  • First one is to use the operator- filetype: pdf along with your keywords and then search it.
  • Second one can be used if you want to search your keyword on any website. Use the operator- site: name of website along with the keyword.

4. Select the best result:

Now list of 10 results will open on the computer screen. You have needed to examine all the results. You should choose the link which matches to your query. Now you should open the links which are suitable according to study material. Then take over view of the selected results and choose one which is best of them.

5. When Use Download:

If you want to download some particular study material as to download books related with you course then you should use ‘download’ word with your key at the time of searching. If you just want to read some info then there is no need to use download.

6. If downloading is not available:

If that particular site doesn’t allow downloading, you may save the page or can take the snapshot of the page to read it on your personal device. Then you can easily read this the info without downloading.

7. For Search Of Particular Question:

If you want to search a particular question then you just have need to write that question in a particular site or yahoo or Google. There are many other sites which can help you to solve that question. You will get your answer directly in a simple form.

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