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By | November 12, 2014

Online Comprehension Test Quiz

Directions to Solve There is modicum of truth in the assertion that "a working knowledge of ancient history is necessary to the intelligent interpretaion of current events". But the sage who uttered these words of wisdom might well have added something on the benefits of studying, particularly, the famous battles of history for the lessons they contain for those of us who lead or aspire to leadership. Such a study will reveal certain qualities and attributes which enabled the winners to win and certain deficiencies which caused the losers to lose. And the student will see that the same patterns recurs consistently, again and again, throughout the centuries.

1. A person who aspires to lead could learn from the history of battles

2. In this context, "intelligent interpretation of current event" means

3. The expression "more than a modicum of truth" means

4. According to the writer, a study of famous battles of history would

5. A knowledge of history is necessary to interpret current problems because

Directions to Solve: The casual horrors and real disasters are thrown at newspaper reader without discrimination. In the contemporary arrangements for circulating the news, an important element, evaluation is always weak and often wanting entirely. There is no point anywhere along the line somewhere someone put his foot down for certain and says, "This is important and that does not amount to row of beans; deserves no ones attention, and should travel the wires no farther". The junk is dressed up to look as meaningful as the real news.

6. Evaluation of news would imply

7. The writer of the above passage

8. In the above passage, the phrase "amounts to a row of beans" means that the news  

9. Newspapers lack a sense of discrimination because  

10. The passage implies that

Directions to Solve: The greatest thing this age can be proud of is the birth of man in the conciousness of men. In his drunken orgies of power and national pride man may flout and jeer at it. when organised national selfishness, racial antipathy and commercial self seeking begin to display their ugly deformities in all their nakedness, then comes the time for man to know that his salvation is not in political organisations and extended trade relations, not in any mechanical re-arrangement of social system but in a deeper transformation of life, in the liberation of consciousness in love, in the realisation of God in man

11. In this passage, the phrase "God in man" implies

12. The author uses the expression 'ugly deformities' to show his indignation at  

13. According to the author, "salvation" of human beings lies in the  

14. In the phrase "the birth of Man in the consciousness of men", AMn stands for

15. People jeer at the 'birth of Man' in the human consciousness when they

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