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By | June 25, 2014

MPSC Question Paper

Candidates who are preparing for the MPSC Entrance Exam and searching for MPSC Question Paper and other Study Material must have a look in the below section of this page.

Maharashtra Public Service Commission conducts various exams to recruit talented and result oriented aspirants in different departments.

The team of is providing MPSC Questions with Answers below. Aspirants must read them carefully. This will be definitely proved beneficial for you to crack the exam in first attempt.

Organization Name:

Maharashtra Public Service Commission

MPSC Questions with Answers:

1. A pattern of accented and unaccented syllables in lines of poetry

A. rhyme scheme

B. meter

C. alliteration

Ans: B

2. The repetition of similar ending sounds

A. alliteration

B. onomatopoiea

C. rhyme

Ans: C

3. Applying human qualities to non-human things

A. personification

B. onomatopoeia

C. alliteration

Ans: A

4. The repetition of beginning consonant sounds

A. rhyme

B. onomatopoeia

C. alliteration

Ans: C

5. A comparison of unlike things without using a word of comparison such as like or as

  1. metaphor
  2. simile
  3. personification

Ans: 1.

6.The total of the ages of Amar, Akbar and Anthony is 80 years. What was the total of their ages three years ago ?

A. 71 years

B. 72 years

C. 74 years

D. 77 years

Ans: A

7. In three coloured boxes – Red, Green and Blue, 108 balls are placed. There are twice as many balls in the green and red boxes combined as there are in the blue box and twice as many in the blue box as there are in the red box. How many balls are there in the green box?

A. 18

B. 36

C. 45

D. None of these

Ans: D

8. When Rahul was born, his father was 32 years older than his brother and his mother was 25 years older than his sister. If Rahul’s brother is 6 years older than him and his mother is 3 years younger than his father, how old was Rahul’s sister when he was born ?

A. 7 years

B. 10 years

C. 14 years

D. 19 years

Ans: B

9. Today is Varun’s birthday. One year, from today he will be twice as old as he was 12 years ago. How old is Varun today ?

A. 20 years

B. 22 years

C. 25 years

D. 27 years

Ans: C

10. Five bells begin to toll together and toll respectively at intervals of 6, 5, 7, 10 and 12 seconds. How many times will they toll together in one hour excluding the one at the start ?

A. 7 times

B. 8 times

C. 9 times

D. 11 times

Ans: B

11. Development expenditure of the Central government does not include

A. defence expenditure

B. expenditure on economic services

C. expenditure on social and community services

D. grant to states

Ans: A

12. Gilt-edged market means

A. bullion market

B. market of government securities

C. market of guns

D. market of pure metals

Ans: B

13. The annual yield from which of the following Union Government taxes is the highest?

A. Custom duties

B. Corporation tax and income tax

C. Inheritance tax, wealth tax, interest tax and gift tax

D. Excise duties

Ans: D

14The average rate of domestic savings (gross) for the Indian economy is currently estimated to be in the range of

A. 15 to 20 percent

B. 20 to 25 percent

C. 25 to 30 percent

D. 30 to 35 percent

Ans: B

15. Fiscal deficit in the Union Budget means

A. the difference between current expenditure and current revenue

B. net increase in Union Governments borrowings from the Reserve Bank of India

C. the sum of budgetary deficit and net increase in internal and external borrowings

D. the sum of monetized deficit and budgetary deficit

16. The Vedic deity Indra was the Goddess of

A. wind

B. eternity

C. rain and thunder

D. fire

Ans: C

17. The term Brahmadeya occurs for the first time in

A. early Vedic texts

B. early Buddhist texts

C. pre-Gupta inscriptions

D. post-Gupta inscriptions

Ans: C

18. Under whose leadership was the all India Muslim League set up?

A. Mohammed Ali Jinnah

B. Sayyid Ahmed Khan

C. Aga Khan

D. All of the above

Ans: C

19. The southernmost point of peninsular India, that is, Kanyakumari, is

A. north of Tropic of Cancer

B. south of the Equator

C. south of the Capricorn

D. north of the Equator

Ans: D

20. The natural region which holds the Indian subcontinent is

A. equatorial climate change region

B. hot deset

C. monsoon

D. Mediterranean

Ans: C

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