Karnataka CET Question Papers Download Solved KCET Previous Papers PDF

By | February 9, 2015

Karnataka CET Question Papers

Candidates who are preparing for Karnataka Common Entrance Test and looking for Karnataka CET Question Papers they can get Solved KCET Practice Papers from this page or you can download the Previous question papers in PDF file through online mode. Theses question papers will help you to crack the KCET examination easily.

Karnataka CET Question Papers

Q1 Two stars A and B radiate maximum energy at the wavelengths of 360 nm and 480 nm respectively. Then the ratio of the surface temperatures of A and B is    

Q2- Which of the following phenomena support the wave theory of light? a) scattering b) interference c) diffraction d) velocity of light in a denser medium is less than the velocity of light in the rarer medium      

Q3- White light reflected from a soap film (Refractive Index = 1.5) has a maxima at 600 nm and a minima at 450 nm with no minimum in between. Then the thickness of the film is _______ * 10-7 m  

Q4- When an additional charge of 2C is given to a capacitor, energy stored in it is increased by 21%. The original charge of the capacitor is

Q5- A proton and helium nucleus are shot into a magnetic field at right angles to the field with same kinetic energy. Then the ratio of their radii is

Q6- Alkali metals have negative reduction potential and hence they behave as

Q7-Which of the following gases has the highest value of RMS – velocity at 298 K?

Q8- Cycloalkane formed when 1, 4-dibromopentane is heated with Sodium is

Q9- Intramolecular Hydrogen bonding is formed in

Q10- The number of optical isomers of the compound CH3 – CHBr – CHBr – COOH is

Q11- The maximum area of a rectangle that can be inscribed in a circle of radius 2 units is _______

Q12- If the length of the sub-tangent at any point to the curve xyn = a is proportional to the abscissa, then ‘n’ is ______

Q13- The area bounded by the curve y = sin (x/3), x-axis and lines x = 0 and x = 3π is _____

Q14- If A and B are square matrices of order ‘n’ such that A2 – B2 = (A – B) (A + B), then which of the following will be true?

Q15- The smallest positive divisor greater than 1 of a composite number ‘a’ is …………..

Q16- Assimilatory power is

Q17- Which one does not belong to monera?

Q18- The embryo sac of an angiosperm is made up of

Q19- The edible part of the fruit of apple is

Q20- Tikka is a

Steps to download the Karnataka CET Solved Previous Papers

  • Visit the official website of Karnataka Examinations Authority i.e. kea.kar.nic.in.
  • Then go to the CET-2015 section and press on ‘Question Paper’.
  • As you press on it, a list of previous year Papers will open on your screen.
  • Select the appropriate link of desired session and download the model paper.

Download the KCET Question Papers in PDF With Answers

Physics – 2014
Chemistry – 2014 Maths – 2014 Biology – 2014 

Keyanswer – 2013


Open the Official Link to download the Model Paper.

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