JEE (Main) Sample Paper 2015 Pdf with Solution Download Free Online

By | November 6, 2014

JEE (Main) Sample Paper 2015

Candidates who are going to attend the upcoming JEE Main Entrance examination they can check the JEE (Main) Sample Paper 2015 to prepare well for the examination through this page. Candidates may also Download Free Pdf with Solution through the online mode.

Applicants may make use of the question provided below with their answers by the team of the portal, or you may also subscribe the free email service to get the updates about JEE Main in your mailbox.

JEE (Mains) Online Quiz

1. One end of a horizontal thick copper wire of length 2L and radius 2R is welded to an end of another horizontal thin copper wire of length L and radius R. When the arrangement is stretched by applying forces at two ends, the ratio of the elongation in the thin wire to that in the thick wire is

2. Two non-reactive monoatomic ideal gases have their atomic masses in the ratio 2 : 3. The ratio of their partial pressures, when enclosed in a vessel kept at a constant temperature, is 4 : 3. The ratio of their densities is

3. The image of an object, formed by a plano-convex lens at a distance of 8 m behind the lens, is real and is one-third the size of the object. The wavelength of light inside the lens is 2/3 times the wavelength in free space. The radius of the curved surface of the lens is

4. A particle of mass 0.2 kg is moving in one dimension under a force that delivers a constant power 0.5 W to the particle. If the initial speed (in m/s) of the particle is zero, the speed (in m/s) after 5 s is

5. The work functions of Silver and Sodium are 4.6 and 2.3 eV, respectively. The ratio of the slope of the stopping potential versus frequency plot for Silver to that of Sodium is

6. Concentrated nitric acid, upon long standing, turns yellow–brown due to the formation of

7. The compound that does NOT liberate CO2, on treatment with aqueous sodium bicarbonate solution, is

8. Upon treatment with ammoniacal H2S, the metal ion that precipitates as a sulfide is

9. The total number of lone-pairs of electrons in melamine is

10. The coefficients of three consecutive terms of (1 + x) n+5 are in the ratio 5 : 10 : 14. Then n = _______

11. The amplitude of a damped oscillator decreases to 0.9 times its original magnitude in 5s. In another 10s it will decrease to α times its original magnitude, where α equals :

12. Two capacitors C1 and C2 are charged to 120 V and 200 V respectively. It is found that by connecting them together the potential on each one can be made zero. Then :

13. The supply voltage to a room is 120 V. The resistance of the lead wires is 6Ω. A 60 W bulb is already switched on. What is the decrease of voltage across the bulb, when a 240 W heater is switched on in parallel to the bulb ?

14. Which one of the following molecules is expected to exhibit diamagnetic behaviour ?

15. The molarity of a solution obtained by mixing 750 mL of 0.5(M)HCl with 250 mL of 2(M)HCl will be :

16. A compound with molecular mass 180 is acylated with CH3COCl to get a compound with molecular mass 390. The number of amino groups present per molecule of the former compound is :

17. Which of the following is the wrong statement ?

18. A gaseous hydrocarbon gives upon combustion 0.72 g. of water and 3.08 g of CO2. The empirical formula of the hydrocarbon is :

19. Which of the following exists as covalent crystals in the solid state ?

20. Which of the following represents the correct order of increasing first ionization enthalpy for Ca, Ba, S, Se and Ar ?

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