JEE Main Previous Year Questions 2015 Download Last Year Papers Online

By | November 6, 2014

JEE Main Previous Year Questions 2015

Candidates who are willing to participate in the JEE Main exam will start preparing for it because there is not much time left. You may also download the JEE Main Previous Year Questions 2015 given on this page. We are also presenting you the Last Year Papers Online.

JEE papers contain objective type questions or multiple choice type questions such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Aptitude Test etc.

JEE (Main) Sample Paper 2015

JEE Main Last Year Papers Online

An unknown alcohol is treated with the “Lucas reagent” to determine whether the alcohol is primary, secondary or tertiary. Which alcohol reacts fastest and by what mechanism?

The first ionization potential of Na is 5.1 eV. The value of electron gain enthalpy of Na+ will be:

A solution of (–) –1 – chloro –1 – phenylethane is toluene racemises slowly in the presence of a small amount of SbCl5, due to the formation of :

How many litres of water must be added to 1 litre of an aqueous solution of HCl with a pH of 1 to create an aqueous solution with pH of 2?

A compound with molecular mass 180 is acylated with CH3COCl to get a compound with molecular mass 390. The number of amino groups present per molecule of the former compound is:

The circle passing through (1, −2) and touching the axis of x at (3, 0) also passes through the point

All the students of a class performed poorly in Mathematics. The teacher decided to give grace marks of 10 to each of the students. Which of the following statistical measures will not change even after the grace marks were given?

If x, y, z are in A.P. and tan−1x, tan−1y and tan−1z are also in A.P., then

The x-coordinate of the incentre of the triangle that has the coordinates of mid points of its sides as (0, 1) (1, 1) and (1, 0) is

The area (in square units) bounded by the curves y =√x, 2y − x3 =0, x-axis, and lying in the first quadrant is

The real number k for which the equation, 2x3 + 3x + k = 0 has two distinct real roots in [0, 1]

The number of values of k, for which the system of equations (k + 1)x + 8y = 4k kx + (k + 3)y = 3k −1, has no solution, is

The supply voltage to a room is 120 V. The resistance of the lead wires is 6 A 60 W bulb is already switched on. What is the decrease of voltage across the bulb, when a 240 W heater is switched on in parallel to the bulb?

A beam of unpolarised light of intensity I0 is passed through a Polaroid A and then through another Polaroid B which is oriented so that its principal plane makes an angle of 45 relative to that of A. The intensity of the emergent light is:

A hydrogen like atom electron makes transition from an energy level with quantum number n to another with quantum number (n – 1). If n >> 1, the frequency of radiation emitted is proportional to

Let [ε ] denote the dimensional formula of the permittivity of vacuum. If M = mass, L = length, T = time and A = electric current, then

A sonometer wire of length 1.5 m is made of steel. The tension in it produces an elastic strain of 1 %. What is the fundamental frequency of steel if density and elasticity of steel are 7.7 x 103 kg/m3 and 2.2 x 1011N/m2 respectively?

What is the minimum energy required to launch a satellite of mass m from the surface of a planet of mass M and radius R in a circular orbit at an altitude of 2R?

Two capacitors C1and C2 are charged to 120 V and 200 V respectively. It is found that by connecting them together the potential on each one can be made zero. Then:

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