JEE Advanced Sample Papers 2015 Download Model Questions & Solutions

By | November 5, 2014

JEE Advanced Sample Papers 2015

Contestants who are looking for the JEE Exam must have the JEE Advanced Sample papers 2015 for giving the good performance in exam. The exam incorporated with the advanced syllabus as JEE Advanced Sample Papers.

For obtaining more details about JEE Advanced Sample Papers 2015 such as Model Questions & solutions etc is fetch from the page of as specified below:

Which of the following organic groups are found in naturally occurring amino acids?

The reactions of molecules

The lone pair electrons on oxygen in a H20 molecule

The strength of an acid depends on

Which of the following will easily dissolve in a polar solvent?

Today is Monday. After 61 days, it will be:

If one-third of one-fourth of a number is 15, then three-tenth of that number is:

The sum of two number is 25 and their difference is 13. Find their product.

What is the sum of two consecutive even numbers, the difference of whose squares is 84?

1397 x 1397 =?

He absorption of ink by blotting paper involves

Siphon will fail to work if

Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named

Out of the following, which is not emitted by radioactive substance?

Sound waves in air are

Magnetism at the centre of a bar magnet is

Of the following properties of a wave, the one that is independent of the other is

Moment of inertia is

Sound travels at the fastest speed in

Intensity of sound at a point is ____ its distance from the source.

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