Java Interview Experience 2015 Share Your Updates/Experience With Others

By | March 31, 2015

Java Interview Experience 2015

Dear aspirants, if you are looking for jobs in IT sector and have knowledge of Java language then before appearing in any Java Interview, you must go through Java Interview Experience 2015 posted by Alia Kapoor on our web portal. As taking knowledge from some experienced person who had already attended interview is beneficial for those who are going to face it in future.

Hello Readers,

I am Alia Kapoor from Chattisgarh and want to share my Java Interview Experience with others, so that some deserving contenders can take help from it and do their preparation according to it. As we all know hard work with smartness is a key to success.

Here in this blog, I am also telling about some Java Interview Questions which were asked by recruiter at my interview time. I am sure that after reading my Java Interview Experience, you will definitely crack your selection round and got hired in top multinational companies.

My Java Interview Experience

Starting up with my Personal Info:

Name: Alia Kapoor

Age: 23 years

Qualification: Post Graduation in M.C.A

Nationality: Indian

How I got Java Interview Opportunity?

Few months ago, I had uploaded my resume on and was looking or searching for an excellent job opportunity where I can show my knowledge skills. After two months of uploading my curriculum vitae, I got an interview call from a recruiter who wants to hire eligible and result oriented contenders having good knowledge of Java language.

During its call, he asked me about my qualifications and after asking all necessary questions, he gave me an interview opportunity .I accept it and then he told that he will mailed me interview venue and timing on my email id.

Java Interview Preparation:

  • As my interview is going to be held after two days, I do my Java Interview Preparation by reading Sun Certified Java Programmer book. As this book covers almost everything that is needed by an individual to cover its core java concepts.
  • Another java interview preparation book is Effective Java by Joshua Bloch and if oOPs concepts are asked, then head first java is best.
  • Internet of course helped me a lot at preparation time as I take help from Google only when I had any obscurity during solving of java interview programs.

Arisen of Java Interview Day:

Finally, the day came when I had to go for my interview but inside I was feeling so nervous that I can’t tell to anybody. But I had to face it because I can’t miss this opportunity. I got up early in the morning and do all my revision work related to java interview. I dressed up in a very comfortable way and reached interview venue before one hour.

I was waiting for my turn and at last that wait also finishes. My name was called up and firstly I was called for document verification. After completion of documentation process, I was sent to interview room where four members were sitting.

I wished all of them “Good Morning”, one of the members replied back and asked me to take my seat.

Starting of Java Interview Questions

Sir: Give me your introduction in brief?

Me: I introduce myself by telling about my schooling, qualifications and hobbies in brief.

Sir: What is Autoboxing and Unboxing ?

Me: Autoboxing means automatic conversion done by Java compiler between primitive types and wrapper classes. If conversion goes some other way, then it is called unboxing.

Sir: Does Java support multiple inheritances?

Me: No, sir because in java each class is able to extend only on one class.

Sir: Difference between Array and ArrayList ?

Me: Arrays have fixed size and contain primitive or objects, while an ArrayList is dynamic and contain only objects.

Sir: What is the purpose of garbage collection in Java?

Me: To identify and discard those objects those are no longer needed by the application.

Sir: What are the two types of Exceptions in Java?

Me: Checked exceptions and unchecked exception.

Sir: What is use of an Applet?

Me: Applets are used for creating dynamic and interactive web applications.

Sir: Steps included in Life cycle of an Applet?

Me: Init, Start, Stop, Destroy

Sir: What is a layout manager?

Me: A layout manager is used to organize components in a container.

Sir: What is clipping?

Me: A process of confining paint operations to a limited area or shape.

Sir: What is JDBC?

Me: JDBC enables developers to write database applications in Java language.

Sir: What is a Servlet and life cycle of Servlet?

Me: Servlets are used to process client requests and generate dynamic web content.

Sir: Thank you and you may go now.

Me: Thank you sir.

Result Evaluation Time:

After completion of interview round, I feel so relaxed and all my shivering finishes. Hoping that best result will came. As result is going to be declared on same day, so I thought not to go at home till result evaluation process is going on. I sat in receptionist area and waiting for my outcome. After 1hour of wait, result is published on Office notice board.

I got up as soon as I heard news on announcement of result and went to see my outcome on notice board. The moment I was going, I continuously prayed to God that I want to get into this job. At last, I went to notice board area and I saw my name in appointed contenders list. I was so happy and very much glad to see my success. Thankyou  God.

Contenders if you have full passion and dedication like Miss Alia had during its Java Interview, then you should also prepare like her and got recruited in premier companies. If you has any kind of interview experience like Alia Kapoor has its Java Interview Experience, then you are also welcomed on our portal and share Your Updates/Experience with others.

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