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By | April 1, 2015

Infosys Interview Experience 2015

Hello Readers!!!

I am Naina Mathur and want to share my entire Infosys Interview Experience 2015 on this web portal. As this site helped me a lot to get job in one of premier companies of India i.e. Infosys and now after succeeding I am very eager to share Infosys Interview Tips /Updates /Experience with others, so that individuals going to face it can take some help from here.

Before facing Infosys Interview, I got failed in some interviews and always just waiting for my turn to post my interview experience on this portal. So, at last I had got this opportunity to post my Infosys Interview Experience with you. Please have a look on it!!!

Infosys Interview Experience 2015

Name: Naina Mathur

Qualification: B.Tech in Computer Science

College Name: St Peter’s Engineering College

How I came to know about Infosys Recruitment?

Firstly, I want to tell you that I am in final year and recently few days back my school friend Divya, who is also pursuing the same course, ranged me to give information that in its campus i.e. K.L.N.College of Engineering ,world’s leading software company Infosys is coming to hire talented candidates under various positions.

She told me to join this campus placement as students from different colleges are also going to participate in this job fest. I was very excited after listening this opportunity and want to grab this chance.

Infosys Selection Process

As I got the news of campus placement, I start searching on internet the latest Infosys Selection Process so that I can prepare for it. I found that I had to go through these two rounds:

  1. Written Test
  2. Interview

As I had no time left for preparation because campus drive is going to take place in next day. I prepared for written test whole night by solving some previous year question papers. Aspirants if you are going to face this selection process, then prepare earlier for it because sometimes luck doesn’t works as it had worked in my time.

Starting of first Selection Process i.e. written test

I reached college at 8:30 a.m. as from 9’o clock, the procedure is going to be started. The time came when I had to go in examination room for giving my written test. One of member of selection committee distributes question papers to all students sitting in that room.

I got the question paper as according to syllabus, solving part is more and time duration is less, so instead of looking here and there, I started reading questions so as to check the level of question paper.

Here I am explaining question pattern in brief so that you can take some help from it.

Total No. of Questions: 70

Time Duration: 75 min

Sections: Aptitude Test & Verbal Section

Aptitude & Reasoning Test:

There will be 30 questions asked and time duration given is 40 minutes.

Topics Covered:

  • Puzzles
  • Data sufficiency
  • Syllogism
  • Statement and conclusion
  • Find next figure
  • Square root and Cube Problems

Verbal Section:

In this part, 40 questions will be asked and you had given time limit of 35 minutes.

Topics Covered:

  • Comprehension Passage
  • Sentence Correction
  • Sentence Completion
  • Error Detection
  • Fill in correct words

I had completed my test in given time period and after that I went back to home. As I was preparing for the test whole night, so I slept and after waking up, think continuously if I can pass my exam or not and start praying to God to gave me this chance.

Finally after one day of exam, result had been declared through mail and I got selected for interview round. I can’t express my feelings after seeing the mail.

Interview round is on the next day ,so I start preparing questions which are mostly asked by interviewer and read books for preparation of technical round questions.

Infosys Interview Round

I was feeling very nervous at that day but I had to face this round if I had to fulfill my dream career. I was thinking inside that interviewers should be lenient and soft hearted, so that I can express or share my views related to questions easily with them.

Finally my turn came and I went to Interview room where three male members were sitting, looking damn cool and dressed up very neatly as it seems that they are members of Infosys selection committee.

I wished Good Morning to each member; they replied back and asked me to sit down.

Infosys Interview questions:

Here I am sharing questions which were asked to me by interviewer:

Sir: Brief Introduction of yourself.

Me: I am Naina mathur from Hyderabad pursuing B.Tech in computer science from St Peter’s Engineering College. I did my schooling in Asha Modern.

Sir: Why you want to be a part of this company?

Me: Sir INFOSYS is a company which focuses on the ideas of budding Entrepreneurs. Not only has this infosys had an infosys foundation to help the … bla bla bla

Sir: Told me about your projects which you had made at your training time?

Me: Splitter and Merger, College catalog etc. I told my projects name.

Sir: Are you able to work in a team?

Me: Yes sir, at my college time I had made minor and major projects in team only and I was the leader of that team.

Sir: What are the qualities do you think a team leader should have?

Me: A good team leader should be understandable, respect all members of its team, responsible and ability to take right decisions.

Sir: Name some of latest technologies?

Me: android lollypop, mobile payments, virtual reality.

Sir: Can you write code of your project?

Me: I write it down and explained it.

Sir: How memory is allocated in C?

Me: I told using pointers and structures but by seeing its expression I thought that something is going wrong, I immediately changed my answer and replied calloc and malloc. At this time, he smiled seems to be impressed.

Sir: what is linked list?

Me: Data structure consists of two fields i.e. item and pointer to next node.

Sir: Differentiate between structures and unions?

Me: Structure allocates memory to each and every member variable whereas union allocates max of memory of all variables.

Sir: what is a pointer?

Me: Pointer holds the address of a variable.

Eg: int*p;

int a;


Sir: Do you want to ask something or have any queries?

Me: Sir, I want to know about latest research going in Infosys.

Sir: Ok Naina , thanku and you may leave now.

Me: ok sir, thankyou.

Ending up my Infosys Interview Experience 2015

I was quite happy with my performance and waiting for interview result .So, finally that day also came and I got a result in positive way means I am got placed in Infosys. Yeahh……at last, my dream changes into reality.

At last I want to say that never give up and learn from your failures and you see that a day will came where you actually see that your dreams are fulfilling.

So, guys if you have faced any interview as Miss Naina has faced and shared its Infosys Interview Experience 2015 with us, than you are also warmed welcome on our web portal

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