Indian Railway Budget 2015 New Plans, Projects, Fares Unveils By Prabhu

By | February 26, 2015

Indian Railway Budget 2015

Indian Railways is called the backbone of Country’s development. Railway with about 40 lakh employees is a department that provides highest employment in a Country. That’s why the Complete Rail Budget is very important for every person whether he is middle class or Upper Class. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has presented Indian Railway Budget 2015 with many declarations in concern of New Plans, Projects etc.

The information has also arrived that Railway Fares Unveils by Prabhu indicate that there is no increase in Railway Fares declared by Railway Minister. Moreover many new facilities have announced. Let us have a look below at each of the Railway Budget Announcements one by one.

Announcements in Indian Railway Budget 2015

No Increase in Railway Fares:

It has been revealed by Minister that there is no increase in Passenger Fares that is a big relief for every Person. Minister has given an earlier indication about this. According to him, their main aim is to raise revenue through advertisements.

Latest Current Affairs

Facility of Wi-Fi:

The facility of Wi-Fi will now be offered at 400 Railway Stations for Passengers. The Government of Delhi is also planning to give this facility soon in the city.

Helpline Number and Apps:

A new Helpline Number that is 138 is going to start by Railway Department. Planning is going on to introduce the help line Apps for Passengers. A Helpline number of 182 is going to start to provide safety for Women.

Wheel Chair Facility:

An Online Booking Wheel Chair Facility will be started for Senior Citizens. Tickets will be booked online for lower berths of trains for Senior Citizens with this facility.

Clean Rail, Clean India:

A separate department will be created to provide cleanliness in the Indian Railway. Modern Technology will be used for Cleaning and improving the condition of toilets. Like Aero planes, vacuum toilets will also be created in trains.

Political Current Affairs

Debit Card to get ticket:

Planning is going on to start a card-Operated vending machine so that people can get tickets using Debit Cards without any problem. Moreover, a SMS alert will be send to Passengers in the situation of late departure of trains.

Proper Facility of Catering:

The facility of local dishes is also going to start in trains so that booking of dishes can be done simultaneously with ticket booking. Moreover, Passengers can order fast foods or Book the food items online through the website of IRCTC. Water vending Machine will be installed to provide clean water to the passengers at lowest price.

Installation of CCTV Cameras:

To Improve safety of Women in trains, CCTV Cameras will be installed in rail coaches. There will be a usage of Nirbhaya funds for women passengers.

GK Questions & Answers

Increase in the number of Coaches:

To decrease the length of Waiting list, an increase in the number of General rail coaches will be made. Instead of 24, now 26 rail coaches will be made available for passengers.

4 Months before booking:

The train ticket can now be booked 120 days before the visit instead of 60 days as earlier. However, if you accidently have boarded in the train without tickets, the tickets will be made available to you in five minutes. In this case, the individual will not be fined.

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