Importance Of Social Media | Role, Impact & Significance In Our Daily Life

By | February 28, 2015

Importance Of Social Media

Social Media has become an integral part of our daily life as it is a rich source of Information, Entertainment and News. With the preeminent existence of Social networking sites, Online Networking comes into Assistance. These sites are usually created to promote a common theme worldwide. We are here to provide you a brief description about The Importance of Social Media and its Role, Impact & Significance in Our Daily Life.

Social media not only supports people to stay in touch with present contacts, but also helps in the formation of new relations. These social networks create the possibilities of examining and learning recent information, sharing ideas and collaborate with others. Social media sites like LinkedIn allow people to form Professional networks to look for jobs or acquire tips on how to develop their careers.

Importance of Internet in Education

Role of Social Media in our Life

Since the formation of Social Networking sites like MySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook, one can meet new people and make friends across the World.  It acts as a Platform where we can present our feelings and views to a lot of masses. Social networking is an area which is very informative, entertaining and makes us conscious regarding different situations or events which are happening around the World at large.

Impact of Social Media in Our Daily Life

Communication and Association:

A decade ago, it was not easy to find and connect with people that you met in your high school or college, even through web. The social media sites like Facebook and Google Plus have made it possible to connect and communicate with people from anywhere in the world. The sites are great way to observe what is going on in the lives of friends and relatives, and to meet new people who possess same thinking and thoughts like you.

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Effect on Teenagers:

The youth of the world is the most prepared to become accustomed and skilled to make use of new technologies and they are definitely at the front of social media of all kinds. They have a keen interest to gather the information of technical Know-how in comparison of the older generations as well. Social media, hence, is surely having a quite large impact in their daily lives for good and for bad. So, it should be used appropriately.


Obviously, the Social Media Sites are of great use for marketing activities too, and since the past few years, these are used extensively for the purpose of Advertising. Many companies are in fact choosing to be a part of the site relatively than just business advertising. This makes a closer connection involving the customers and the companies, which consequently provides enhanced service and better quality products.

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People are spending much time on social media sites for the reason that they are a big source of entertainment. Watch Videos posted on timelines, look Photos, interpret stories, and even play games. Social Media are of great use in smart phone, a tablet, or Computer in daily life. The sites are indeed a step headed for world globalization.

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