Importance Of Internet In Education | Role, Significance, Impact & Benefits

By | February 26, 2015

Importance Of Internet In Education

The Internet has created improvements in Technology and Communication so far that it is used today as an extremely useful resource for Education Purpose. There are a number of advantages of an Internet in education sector like online classes, availability of all types of information etc.

We are here to tell you the Importance of Internet in Education, its Role and Significance, Impact and Benefits in the field of Education that are of great help to students.

Role and Significance of Internet in Education

Anytime and Anywhere access:

This is the major benefit of Internet in Education. Students can access the required educational information from anywhere and at anytime. Students who are studying in College or doing Jobs can do their studies using Internet at any time and from anywhere.

Better Understanding:

Internet has modernized the concept of learning which makes you to understand easily by providing you the required information in a very simplified language.  Consequently, when you understand better, you will learn better.

Easy Communication:

One of the major Significance of an Internet is Easy Communication. Students can speak to other students or their teachers through E-mail in case of queries about any information.

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Help in Projects:

The Internet is extremely helpful to provide projects to students studying in Schools and Colleges.  Internet is a world of information that offers you the description of nearly all the facts known to a person, one can precisely discover information, research work and many more necessary for one’s projects.


Another useful effect of Internet in the area of Education is the facility of distance education or E-Learning.  Using this facility, you can opt for short-term Programmes with the efficient study material offered online to learn and give examination.

Impact and Benefits of Internet in Education:

The profound impact of internet in education has merely transformed the World of Education. Innovating the technique education is promulgated; the classroom study is being converted to home study now. One can think of this sudden change as a great development in the learning Process with an innovative new approach of online education.


  • Sharing of information, Contemplation on a certain subject and many more can be done easily at fast pace using the Internet.
  • Understanding the information on the Internet is undoubtedly faster than understanding a whole book on a certain subject for students.
  • Sometimes, encyclopedia cannot for all time be provided to students and they can have problem in getting the books in the library. In such situation, the encyclopedia of a number of subjects available on the Internet is of great help to students.
  • Students can do their Homework easily using Internet which is too one of the crucial uses of Internet in Education.
  • Online education is also a big support for those students who are Physically Challenged and can’t travel to School/College or University.

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Education is a subject of principles and achievement and is a fundamental human process. Internet education has not only improved the educational method with modernized techniques and innovative ways of learning but also offers an equal chance to each individual to achieve high and progress in the area of education apart from gender, race, age,  language or any disability.

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