IES Previous Year Question Papers(Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/ECE) PDF

By | November 10, 2014

IES Previous Year Question Papers:

Candidates who are preparing for Indian Engineering Services exam require IES Previous Year Question Papers to furnish themselves for exam. Participants can easily download PDf of solved Question papers for Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, ECE branches through this page.

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Q.1. Consider an LTI system representing a passive electrical network. If the input is a sinusoidal signal, then the steady-state output of the network is

Q.2. A graph in which at least one path (disregarding orientation) exists between any two nodes of the graph is a

Q.3. Which of the following statements about electric field lines associated with electric charges is false?

Q.4. A periodic function satisfies Dirichlet‟s condition. This implies that the function

Q.5. A continuous random variable X has uncountably many values in the interval [a, b]. If C is a value in the interval [a, b], then P{X = C}.

Q.6. The assumption in the theory of bending of beams, is:

Q.7. Consider the following statements: 1. Standard penetration test is commonly used for cohesionless soils. 2. Standard penetration test results in respect of a cohesionless soil are correlated to its density index and friction angle. 3. Use of H-value not corrected for overburden pressure leads to highly conservative design of footings at shallow depths. Which of these statements are correct?

Q.8. The mean unconfined compressive strength of a purely cohesive soil was found to be 50 kN/m2. The ultimate bearing capacity of a square footing calculated by Terzaghi’s concept (bearing capacity factor NC = 5.7) will be

Q.9. Consider the following statements: 1. The benefit of surcharge and depth of foundation is only marginal in case of footings on purely cohesive soils. 2. The bearing capacity of a footing in pure clay increases with increase in size of the footing. 3. Size effects in plate load tests are more important in case of cohesionless soils. Which of these statements are correct?

Q.10 In case of levelling, backsight is

Q.11 A turbine discharging 10 m3/s is to be designed so that a torque of 1600 kg-m is to exerted on the impeller turning at 200 rpm under the condition that the existing liquid exerts no moment in spite of its momentum. The tangential component of the velocity at the outer periphery of the impeller of radius 1.0 m is

Q.12. Consider the following distinguishing characteristics of hardwood : 1. They have distinct annular rings. 2. They are not resinous. Which of these characteristics of hardwood is/are correct?

Q.13. Fineness of cement is measured in the units of

Q.14. Gypsum is added into the raw materials during manufacture of cement so that the final product exhibits

Q.15. Two circular mild steel bars A and B of equal lengths 1 have diameters dA = 2 cm and dB = 3 cm. Each is subjected to a tensile load of magnitude P. The ratio of the elongations of the bars 1A / 1B is

Q.16. The polar moment of inertia of the cross-section of the member is required to assess the strength of the member in

Q.17.What is an advantage of MOS transistor structure in integrated circuits?

Q.18.A network N consists of resistors, dependent and independent voltage and current sources. If the current in one particular resistance is I A, it will be doubled if the values of all the

Q.19. Inductive reactance X is a function of inductance L and frequency f. The value of X increases when

Q.20. The phase velocity of waves propagating in a hollow metal waveguide is

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