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By | November 7, 2014

Here we are providing IES Interview Questions and Answers for the candidates who want to appear IES Interview. Also you can get UPSC IES Interview Preparation Tips, which will be help full for you to crack this interview. We are distinguishing all the point on which you have needed to focus. Participants should read all the details and prepare according to that.

UPSC IES Exam Notice

IES Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell something about yourself?

Ans. This is main question in this question you should describe yourself in brief and you should tell the employer about your academic achievements.

2. When and why did you decide to go for Indian Engineering Services?

Ans. For this inquiry you should speak the truth that how you have the interest in Indian Engineering Services and what you were doing in last days. You should tell about your experience.

3. How did you prepared for GK portion of Engg. Services / PSUs?

Ans. You should tell about the books that you preferred for the exam as NCERT text books of 9th and 10th standards and whatever you study for GK portion.

4. Do you know anyone who works for us?

Ans. You should be so careful for this question if you do have friends in the office. Is your friend well regard in the office? If your friend has a bad reputation around the office, they may paint you with the same brush. Means may be they think you also have that kind of nature. Likewise, if the person you know is a relative, be sure to know the policies surrounding relatives working in the same fellowship.

5. Have you ever been fired from a Job?

Ans. This is very important question you should not take it so lightly. Everyone should have some viewpoint on their value in the work that they do. You should tell the organization that you can never compromise with you values and regulation. You should distinguish them you will be always on the proper position and for this you will never have any fear of fired.

IES Eligibility Criteria / Selection Procedure

6. Why should we hire you?

Ans. In this section you should tell the employer about your qualities and describe yourself which is beneficial according to their requirements.

7. Have you applied for any other Jobs?

Ans. You should be honest in this question because employer wants to know about your interest. You should tell about your experience even if you will say that you have never applied for any job than it will put bad impact on the employer.

8. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Ans. With this question employer wants to know you better. You should answer this question with full confidence because it doesn’t matter what you do in your free time but your answer will show that you are all rounder student.

9. Tell me about your greatest success in using the principles of logic to solve an engineering problem.

Ans. For this question you should tell about the real accident that you have faced with full courage.

10. Do you consider yourself successful?

Ans. You should tell ‘yes’ with your full confidence. You should tell them that you always achieve your goal and IES is also a main goal of your life that’s why you are in front of them.

IES Study Material

UPSC IES Interview Preparation Tips

Have good knowledge of syllabus

Students should have the good knowledge of the syllabus. You should make a schedule according to the syllabus. You should collect syllabus for each paper and pattern of paper.

Effective Time Management

You should main your time according to the subject. You should give more time to the subject which seems less interested and less time to the subject which is easy for you. You should not give burden to your mind and create a time table which will not make pressure on your mind.

IES Admit Card

Practice with previous year papers

You should prepare with previous year paper because it will help you to maintain time. With the help of this paper you can know which section more time is consuming for you. By practicing these questions you can know the pattern of the paper and in exam you can easily solve the questions.

Self Confidence

It is very important examination so students should be confident if you will lose your confidence then you will not be able to answer even a simple question. You should take proper time for rest also. You should not take tension for the entire syllabus but you have needed to prepare all the sections properly.

IES Result


Revision is most important because if you have prepared each section but you haven’t revised it may be you forget it at the time of exam. So you should manage the time for revision even if you want to read some new thing except of revision it will not be beneficial for you so give proper time to revision.

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