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By | March 31, 2015

IBM Interview Experience 2015

Hello everyone!!!

I am Akanksha Singhania from Bangalore and sharing my IBM Interview Experience 2015 for those aspirants who had a dream to work in multinational companies like IBM (International Business Machines). Cracking IBM Hiring Process is not an easy task and in the same way it is not impossible to clutch this chance, remember that practice and confidence are the keys which lead an individual to success point.

I feel so glad that I had made a position in this reputed company and now I want to share my IBM Interview Experience with you so that those going to face it in future must have knowledge of IBM Interview Process and no I can beat you at your interview time.

My IBM Interview Experience 2015

Name: Akshara Singhania

Age: 22years

Qualification: B.Tech (Computer Science)

Job Role: Software Engineer

Searching for jobs

I had completed my B.Tech in last year and looking for a reputed job in top companies of India. One day I was searching for jobs on Internet and during this procedure I read an interview experience of an individual who has recently got placed in IBM. By reading his experience, I got so motivated and want that same thing happens with me also.

I rang up my friend who is in final year and searching for a job. I told whole experience of the individual that how he got recruited in this premier company. My friend replied that after two or three days there is a job fest in our college campus where 2014batch students are also allowed. I got so excited and start searching on internet that if IBM is coming or not in this job fest.

Job Opportunity in IBM

Finally after sometime I got my answer and I was so excited to know that IBM requires some eligible contenders for a Software engineer role. I registered my name and other details in the registration form to secure my chance.

Start preparing for this job opportunity by practicing and reading books and of course internet is one of biggest source which helped me out of this preparation.

Day arises when IBM was in college campus

That day I came to know about IBM Hiring Process i.e.

  1. Online test (Aptitude)
  2. English Assessment test
  3. Technical & HR Round

In college campus drive, there were only two rounds executed i.e. online test and English Assessment.

Round 1:

Online Aptitude Test:

  • In this section, questions related to verbal ability, analytical ability, logical reasoning came.
  • Some of the topics which I remembered are time and distance, time and work, Permutation- Combination, SI, CI, Data Interpretation, Syllogism, number series etc.
  • I prepared these topics from R.S. Aggarwal and I want to tell you that it is best book that helps you in developing your aptitude skills.

Round 2:

English Assessment test:

  • In this part, student will be given a passage and after reading that passage, they had to write summary of it in the format as given in the question paper.
  • This section is meant to judge skills of candidate i.e. whether he/she has knowledge about grammar and vocabulary.
  • You can prepare for this section, by regularly reading English newspapers and Magazines.

How I know about my selection for IBM Interview i.e. Round 3

 After completion of both rounds, I came to my home and was thinking that I had not done that much bad paper as I am expecting knowing the difficulty level of exam, I had a full confidence that I can clear this round and same happened, after two- three days, there was a mail came from IBM for an interview opportunity under Software Engineer position.

Date, time and venue were all mentioned in that mail. I was feeling very excited and although nervous also as interviewing in one of top companies of India is not so much easy.

I prepared for interview session and finally interview day arises.

Round 3:

I went to interview venue and after few time of waiting, a member from selection committee told me to go to conference room where IBM interview process is going on.

I entered the conference hall and I saw four persons are sitting in that room out of which three are male members and one female member.

Interview questions asked by Selection Panel Heads:

Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself.

Me: I am Akshara and had completed my B.Tech in computer science stream in year 2014.I did my schooling from Delhi Public School.

Int: Why you want to join IBM and what do you know about it?

Me: Generally this question is asked by interviewers, so you must prepare for it by gaining knowledge about IBM’s history, what research and development it has made.

Int: Tell me your one Strength and weakness?

Me: I do hard work with smartness is my strength and my weakness is that I trust people very fastly and sometimes I had to pay for this trustness.

Int: Difference between ++var and var++?

Me: Variable is incremented by 1 before it is used in the expression in case of ++var and in case of var++, the expression is evaluated, and then the variable is incremented by 1.

Int: Difference between a constructor and a method?

Me: Constructor is used to create objects of class. A method is a member function of class and is invoked using the dot operator.

Int: What is final class?

Me: Final class may not be sub classed i.e.  Final variable is constant; you can’t change value of that variable which is declared final.

Int: What type of parameter passing does Java support?

Me: The arguments are always passed by value in Java.

Int: Are you ready for relocation?

Me: Yes sir.

Int: Thank you, now you can go.

Me: Thank you sirs and mam.

Declaration of Result

Finally my IBM interview ended and I was waiting for my result at the receptionist area. One of the members from recruiter team came to me that the results will be declared through mail after two-three days. So, I went back to home.

Though I know that result is going to be announced in 2-3 days but due to my consciousness I regularly checked my mail. Finally, after few days I got a mail from IBM written on it that I had cleared my Interview round, so I had been cordially invited to take my offer letter.

I can’t express my feelings after reading that mail and similarly I am not able to write it .I hope that you guys understand and if you want to feel that same feeling, then you must also apply for recruitment and one day you will got success like me.

Dear aspirants, if you want to read more interview experiences like Ms. Akshara has posted its IBM Interview Experience 2015 on our web portal, then keep visiting our site regularly and gain knowledge from these experiences.

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