IAS Interview Questions and Answers 2015 Pdf Download – Toppers Tips

By | June 16, 2014

IAS Interview Questions and Answers

  • After the announcement of UPSC IAS Main Examination 2015 Result the qualified contestants would be called for interview.
  • If you have good knowledge of IAS Interview Questions and Answers 2015 then you can easily crack the interview.
  • Candidates will be interviewed by a Board, already aware of their personal as well professional track record.
  • They will ask the questions related to general interest, on matters of national and international importance.

Apart from the details of IAS Interview Questions and Answers, we, bharatrecruitment.com have also mentioned the useful Toppers tips that will help to do your preparations well before appearing in the interview. Candidates may also download the PDF file available on the official website.

IAS Interview Questions and Answers 2015

Ques1: Give a brief description of yourself….?

Ans: To answer this question you have to tell about yourself like your name, your qualification and about your last job profile etc.

Ques2: Tell me about your hobbies….?

Ans: you have to speak about hobby so you must research well on your hobby and then give answer in a polite manner.

Ques3: What are your biggest strength and greatest weakness?

Ans: This question will help to polishing your skills. Firstly identify your strength and speak about your knowledge, experience, skills and abilities.

Then when you’re going to answer about your weaknesses question you must answer in a positive way. You can answer like; your weakness is that you hate lie, unpunctuality and laziness in work.

Ques4: Where do you want to see yourself in next Five Years from Now?

Ans: Remember you are there to get attached to that organization; your plans must be formatted as you are going to get attached for long time with the firm you are giving interview of.

Ques5: What you have learned from your mistakes?

Ans: Answer this question in this way: everyone do mistakes but here are very few persons who really realize their mistakes and don’t repeat their faults, I am also in one of those persons.

Ques6: What work you have done on your UPSC Knowledge in the last year?

Ans: you must have to include improvements activities can be mentioned as positive self improvements and also show a desire to keep learning by listing hobbies non-work related.

Ques7: why you left your previous job?

Ans: you may answer this question as; you didn’t get a good chance to prove yourself or your want to face new challenge. Show your interest in the job profile for which you are giving interview.

Ques8: Why do you want to join Civil Services?

Ans: This question is asked for checking your seriousness and inclination of yours. Interviewers get a good idea about the frame of mind of the candidate by studying his response.

Ques9: if you were the Collector/SP of Ajmer, Rajasthan, what would you do after the bomb blast in the city?

Ans: Some situational questions like this are asked by the interviewers to test the presence of mind. So you must develop an analytical and foreseen thinker mind to face the IAS interview.

Ques10: What are your goals?

Ans: Tell about your aims and goals of life that what you want to do after being an IAS Officer, what changes you want to do the national environment and how you will produce them.

IAS Interview- Toppers Tips

  • As it is rightly said, “First impression is the last impression” so you be calm and present yourself with proper tone of voice and simple clothes and have well groomed hear.
  • Interact with the interviewers with confidence and create a good eye contact with all team members at the difference time instance during whole interview.
  • You should do work on your Personal Details submitted with UPSC.
  • Acquire whole knowledge about UPSC as the interviewers can ask any question related to the UPSC.
  • You also should keep a deep background research of Hobbies and Interests.
  • You must have a positive body language, good personal turnout and ensuring the right posture.
  • Do not shake your leg or do not give the sign of your nervousness. Be patience during whole interview.
  • Try to be short and effective speech. Don’t be descriptive at your hand.
  • Avoid the expression, “I am sorry”.
  • Do not make hasty or sweeping generalizations.
  • Express all about your achievements and goals in questions where the chance to tell about.
  • Always practice to speak answers with full confidence to have a great impact while actually answering to the recruiters.

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