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By | July 10, 2015

HP University Syllabus

HP University SyllabusContenders who are looking for HP University Syllabus 2016 are at right place. From the below furnished section candidates can easily check and download HP University Syllabus for UG & PG Exam. Applicants, who are eagerly waiting for the syllabus, can download it to start preparation for upcoming exams. 

Himachal Pradesh University is a public non-profit institution of higher education and offers various UG (Under Graduate) & PG (Post Graduate) courses and conduct exam every year. Aspirants must go through all the section of HP University Syllabus 2016 which is uttered below to get good marks in exams

HP University Syllabus

HP University Syllabus for B.Com

Business Communication

Unit I Introducing Business Communication: Basic forms of communication model and processes; Effective communication; Theories of communication; Audience analysis.
Unit 11 Self – Development and Communication; Development of positive personal attitudes; SWOT analysis; Vote’s model of interdependence ; Whole communication
Unit III Corporate Communication: Group discussion; Mock interviews; Seminars; Effective Listening exercises; Individual and group presentations and reports writing
Unit IV Principles of Effective Communication.
Unit V Writing Skills : Planning business messages; Rewriting and editing; The first draft; Reconstructing the final draft; Business letters and memo formats; Appearance request letters; Good news and bad news letters; Persuasive letters; Sales setters; Collection letters; Office memorandum.
Unit VI Report Writing: Introduction to a proposal short report and formal report preparation. Oral presentation, sales presentation, training presentation conducting surveys, speeches to motivate effective presentation skills.
Unit VII Non-Verbal Aspects of Communication.

Business Mathematics

Unit I Linear Quadratic equation.
Unit II Arithmetic Geometric progressions. Permutations and combinations.
Unit III Matrix and determinants: Meaning and operation f matrix including inverse.
Unit IV Graphs of linear inequalities in two variables.
Unit V Elements of differentiation differential calculus. Simple application of differential co-efficient.
Unit VI Maximum and minimum of univariate function. Integral calculus and its application to accounting and business problems.
Unit VII Interest and Annuities including present values

Financial Accounting

Unit I Meaning and scope of accounting: Need, development, Booking keeping and accounting, users of accounting, Branches of accounting, Objectives of accounting.
Unit II Accounting Principles: concepts and conventions Accounting Transactions Accounting cycles, Double entry system journals, ledgers, Trail Balance.
Unit III Classification of income and expenditure: Subsidiary books imp rest system of cash. Bank reconciliation of statements.
Unit IV Fracturing Accounts; Trading Accounts; Profit and loss application of error.
Unit V Depreciation Accounting; Self Balancing system sectional Balancing system; Branch Accounts;
Unit VI Accounts of non trading organization; consignments accounts; Hire purchaseand installment system accounting:

Business Economics

Unit I Introduction; basic problems of an economy; working of price mechanism
Unit II Elasticity of Demand: Concept and measurement; of elasticity of demand; Prince income and cross elasticity; Average revenue, marginal revenue, and elasticity of demand, Determinates of elasticity demand; Importance of elasticity of demand.
Unit III Production Function; Law of variable properties Is- quant; Economics regions and optimum factor combination; Expansion path: Returns to sale; Internal and external economics and diseconomies; Ridges, comes.
Unit IV Theory of Costs; Short run and long run cost curves- traditional and modern approaches.
Unit V Market Structures; Market structures and business decisions; Objectives of a business firm.
Unit VI FACTOR PRICING- I Marginal productivity theory and demand for factors; Nature of supply of factor inputs; Determination of wage rates under perfect competition and monopoly; exploitation of labour; Rent-concept; Riparian and modern theories of rent, Quasi rent.
Unit VII Factor pricing-II Interests. Concept and theories of interest; profit- nature, concepts and theories of profit

Business organization and Management

Unit I Concepts of business; commerce and industry. Business system.
Unit II Business Environment: Macro and Micro environment. Environment Analysis. Social responsibility of business.
Unit III Forms of business Organization. Sole trader, partnership, companies, HUF and co-operative organization. Comparative utility of various organizations.
Unit IV Promotion of a venture: opportunity analysis, legal requirement for establishment of a new unit and documentation required. Marketing and advertisement. Stock Exchange.

HP University Syllabus 2016 for Post Graduate Courses

HP University Syllabus for M.A. ECONOMICS

I)             First semester

  • Course-I Microeconomics
  • Course-II International Economics
  • Course-III Elementary Mathematical Economics

II)           Second semester

  • Course-IV Macro Economics
  • Course-V Money and Banking
  • Course-VI Basic Statistics

III)         Third semester

  • Course-VII Economics of Development and Planning
  • Course-VIII History of Economic Thought
  • Course-IX Any one from the optional courses

IV)          Fourth semester

  • Course-X Indian Economy
  • Course-XI Public Finance
  • Course-XII Any one from the optional courses

Syllabus for UG Course

Course Details
BA(Hindi) Get complete syllabus
B.A (Hons) Economics Get complete syllabus
B.Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology Get complete syllabus
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) Get complete syllabus
Bachelor of Tourism Administration (BTA) Get complete syllabus

Syllabus for PG Course

Course Details
M.Sc/MA Mathematics Get complete syllabus
M.Sc Chemistry Get complete syllabus
M.A Social Work Get complete syllabus
Master of Business Economics (MBE) Get complete syllabus
M.A Music Get complete syllabus

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