How To prepare For Written Test/ Exam – (School, College, Job, Entrance)

By | June 9, 2014

How To prepare For Written Test/ Exam

Our kinship is really old with written tests and exams. It doesn’t matter that you’re searching for a Job or studying in school or college, you will have to go through a written exam or test.

To qualify a written exam, the examinee should know that How to prepare For Written Test/ Exam and this article is about the same.

The complexity level of examinations of School, College, Job and Entrance is different, which is the reason that the preparation technic for each exam can be quite different, but there are some common things to keep in mind while preparing for an exam. We are going to discuss some powerful tips to prepare For Written Test/ Exam.

1.    Start Now

When you know the precise date of examination, you should start preparation instantly without wasting your time. If examinations are, so far, we think that we have many days for preparation and we can start preparing after some time and we lose many valuable days with this thinking. So, never wait for the exam to become closer, encourage you to start your preparation now. Remember one thing- Do it now, before it becomes urgent.

 2.    Fix A Time For Learning

It will never work properly if you take the book any time and start gearing up for examinations. Remember that, even you study for two hours a day your mind should be working only for the preparation in all respects. So, it’s necessary to fix a particular time for preparation. The best time for study is morning and early afternoon of the day.

 3.    Know The Syllabus

If you’re preparing for the school / college test, preparing for an entrance examination or for recruitment examination, the syllabus is the key to success. You should get the actual syllabus of exam and prepare yourself according to this. Study every element of your syllabus at least once, which will let you to gain a confidence for the exam.

 4.    Prepare Your Own Notes

Even you have prepared for the exam by books and other study material, yet you should prepare your own notes. This is very important for preparation that you read your own notes, because notes are written in your own language and style which is so beneficial in preparation for a written exam.

 5.    Remember The Time Duration 

Question papers have fixed time duration and every question is sent to be solved in a particular duration of time. So prepare yourself solving the question in the given time. Preparing through Unsolved, Solved and previous years Sample Question Papers is the best way to come out from this problem.

 6.    A Good Coaching/ Tuition Is  The Key

Without the right direction, preparation consumes so much time which is valuable. To come-out from this situation, you can join a coaching institute or tuition. They teach the students lots of shortcut techniques through which the question can be solved in a short period of time. The instructors or tutors have a great experience about what kind of questions students can face, so they teach the students about the very important sections in the syllabus for the exam.

 7.    Collect Information From Every Source

In this hi-tech world, there are huge kinds of source available through which students can obtain the information easily. The Internet is the biggest source of every kind of information. You just need to enter which you’re looking for and press the submit button and the information will be displayed on your computer screen.  Magazines, newspapers, solved/ unsolved/ previous years/sample papers and model papers are proved to be the best source of preparation and to update your knowledge.

I’ve tried to answer the question that how to prepare For Written Test/ Exam and I hope that the stuff provided above is useful to you. If you want more tips and updates about your preparation, you can come here on or you can comment below.

Till Then, Enjoy Preparation..!!!

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    this is a very good advice for me and will try it in further study and i hope i am get success very soon…………..

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