How To Prepare For RMO 2015 Exam – Best Tips to Crack the Exam 2015

By | April 1, 2015

How To Prepare For RMO 2015

Students going to participate in Regional Mathematics Olympiad  for representing India in International Mathematical Olympiad are continuously searching on Internet to gain knowledge about How to Prepare for RMO 2015, so they should stop their search now as they are at correct place. Here on this page, they will know Best Tips to Crack RMO exam 2015 and we are sure that if they follow these tips then they will definitely crack this examination.

Candidates before preparing, one thing they should know that if they clear Regional Mathematical Olympiad then they are eligible for the next level i.e. Indian National Mathematical Olympiad and qualifying contenders of this exam will receive a merit certificate. So, prepare for RMO exam 2015 with your full dedication and got selected for next levels.

Educational Eligibility:

Students up to class XII are eligible to appear for this exam and generally it is seen that students of classes IX to XII applies for this examination.

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Importance of RMO Exam 2015:

An Indian candidate has given a chance to represent India in mathematics competition i.e. International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) and the first ladder of reaching this chance is Regional Mathematics Olympiad. After that there are next level also such as Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) and International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp (IMOTC). At last they can go for IMO exam.

These exams will gives appropriate knowledge to eligible contenders and will also enhance their skills. Moreover one more enclosure will be added into their list and it will helps a lot while they apply for abroad study or for clearing any interview round.

RMO exam pattern 2015:

Regional Mathematics Olympiad is a 3 hour written test in which 6 to 7 problems will be asked and toppers of this test will be taken to next round i.e. INMO.

RMO Syllabus 2015:

To prepare for any exam, we should know the syllabus of it, so that we can plan and manage our studies. Here we are providing you RMO Syllabus which will help you a lot at preparation time.

  • Number Theory:

Euclid’s algorithm ,Expressing the GCD of two integers ,Divisibility of integers, Fundamental theorem of arithmetic, Chinese Remainder Theorem, Arithmetic functions, Euler’s function, Pythagorean triplets.

  • Geometry:

Ptolemy’s theorem, Menelaus’ theorem, Nine-point circle, Geometric inequalities, Ceva’s theorem.

  • Algebra:

De Moivre’s theorem,Relations between roots and coefficients of polynomials,Remainder theorem, Root mean ,square inequality, Tchebychev’s Inequality, A.M.-G.M. inequality

  • Combinatorics:

Permutations and Combinations, Basic combinatorial numbers, combinatorial identities, Pigeonhole principle, Inclusion exclusion principle.

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RMO preparation Books:

Books on Geometry:

  • Geometry Revisited by H. S. M. Coxeter and S. L. Greitzer
  • Modern Geometry by Durrel M. A.,
  • Plane Trigonometry by S. L. Loney

Books for General Reading:

  • Introductory Combinatorics by RA. Brualdi
  • Higher Algebra by S. Barnard & J.M. Child
  • Geometric Inequalities by N.D. Kazarinoff
  • Modern Geometry by C.V. Durell

Books for preparation of different levels of Mathematical Olympiads:

  • An Excursion in Mathematics
  • M. R. Modak by S. A. Katre, V. V. Acharya
  • Mathematical Circles by D. Fomin
  • A Primer On Number Sequences by S. A. Shirali

Online Study Material for Preparation

Best Tips to Crack RMO exam 2015:

  • Daily Practice:

As Mathematics requires daily practice, so you must practice regularly for it. Make a schedule for it and prepare all topics sequence wise .Make brief note of each topic so that at revision time these topics will help you a lot.

  • Review of Previous Year Question Papers:

Previous year papers will help you a lot in determining the pattern of exam and someway it will also helps you to gain knowledge of topics which are frequently asked in exam and so that you can prepare according to it.

  • Determine your strong and weak points:

Those topics in which you have a good command, practice less for that and take time    on those topics where you feel that you are not able to solve questions immediately.

  • Proper reading of questions:

Don’t hurry up in solving any question, first carefully read the question and then go for solving part because the question which seems to be easy is very difficult to solve it.

  • Memorize formulas and theorems:

By memorizing these things, you will get a lot of help as in some formulas, there arise shortcuts and applying these shortcuts in less time will definitely save your time.

  • Time Management:

Don’t take so much time in solving any question. If you are not able to solve it, then leave that question and solve at last. Because stuck on one question will disturb your mind and you can’t solve other questions also.

Effective Time Management

Candidates we the team of hopes that after reading this blog, How to Prepare For RMO 2015 will not appear in your mind. But if also you are facing any problem regarding RMO Preparation, then you can ask to us. Don’t keep any query in your mind, just write on the given comment box without any hesitation, we will definitely solve your queries.

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