How To Prepare For Board Exams | 10th/12th Board Exam Preparation Tips

By | December 6, 2014

How To Prepare For Board Exams

Candidates, who are pursuing class 10th or 12th and worried about How to Prepare for Board Exams, they need not worry because here we are providing you some best preparation tips that will be proved extremely helpful for you to hit the target and you can gain the remarkable score in the upcoming board exams.

Previously, the marks competition was not to too much tough. It was with classmates but now the competition is with all state level and national level students. Preparation tips for Board Exams are very crucial for the participants to attain an excellent score in board exams. This is the first step that will specify your direction towards achievement of goals or aim.

Excellent Preparation Tips for Board Exams for class 10th and 12th

1. Get Syllabus details:

This is the initial and crucial step that participant should take in possession of before the start of preparation for Board exams. Participant must check the syllabus of all the subjects so that the preparation can be done accordingly. This will give you an idea about schema or outline of the topics you have to cover up for each subject in the given period of time.

2. Make time table:

Create a time table for your studies so that you can give proper and adequate time to each subject.  Find best and suitable time to study like in early morning or can even be late night study. Choose the time and space for study that doesn’t distract you at the time of studies and you can focus on your topic completely.

3. Start Preparation from beginning session:

Participants must begin their preparation from the very beginning of the session. Do not let everything to be prepared at last. This will build an unrequired pressure on your mind and will influence your result in an inadequate way. Do your preparation as per your schedule or created timetable

4. Make short notes:

Preparing short notes of all the subjects will really help you a lot to understand each topic clearly and easily. Moreover, this will also help you at the time of revision to make a quick review of all the topics. Notes will also encourage you to study and prepare well for the board exams.

5. Regular studies:

Do your studies regularly because continuity is very important for studies. After coming home revise each topic that have been taught to you in class daily. In this way, your whole syllabus will be prepared within the given period of time and you will also gain confidence to face the exam with strong and positive attitude.

6. Furnish your basics:

Participant must clear the basic concepts regarding any subject because basics are very important from examination point of view. It has been realized that board exam are 90% based on basic concepts. So by making your basics clear, you will definitely acquire a best score in board exams.

7. Important topics:

Give more consideration to all the important topics and highlight them because majority of chances are there for these important topics to come in the exam. Make a quick review of these topics from time to time so that you can keep them in mind till the commencement of board exams.

8. Thorough understanding:

Participants must adopt thorough understanding of topics inspite of cramming the detailed topics while doing preparation. Cramming will make you to skip things from mind very soon. So an effective way to remember the required topics is to make a comprehensive understanding of the topics.

 9. Solve Previous year Papers:

When you complete your entire syllabus then practice and solve previous year papers so that you came to know about the sort of questions that can come in an exam and you can improve the topic where you are weak. Ask your teacher about the problems in understanding any question or topic.

 10. Make a proper review:

Candidates who are preparing for Board exams must do proper revision to go through all the topics once. Do not study any new topic during revision time because this will create confusion in your mind and you can’t be able to give your best in an exam. Make a quick review of all the important topics and Formulae and the topics that you have prepared.

By following all the steps given above, you can get good marks in the examination. So follow all the steps and achieve your target easily.

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