How To Crack IAS Exam | Tips To Crack UPSC IAS Exam Without Coaching

By | August 14, 2015

How To Crack IAS Exam

How to Crack IAS ExamTalented students desire to have a career as an IAS officer but only the finest and the most capable clear IAS exams. After the strong selection process, young IAS officers become skilled through experiences. The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is an exceptional service where an IAS officer must have dedication to serve his country, motherland. In this article we are guiding up few Tips To Crack UPSC IAS Exam Without Coaching for candidates who are going appear for IAS Prelims exam. You’ll get somewhat related to How to Crack IAS Exam?

Firstly all aspirants need to know all about IAS cause this will help to put all efforts in the proper manner to get 100% result. All those who are preparing for exam need to do lots of hard work and constant preparation. One can clear this exam even without having coaching. As it is a competitive exam at a state Level, it is essential to study with concentration and focus. Below we have uttered few cracking tips to clear IAS Exam whether you had coaching or not.

Tips To Crack UPSC IAS Exam Without Coaching


Plan and manage your studies properly. Sufficient time should be given for revision. Both General Studies and Aptitude sections must be studied. A large related to ecology, environment and art & culture asked in the examination. These must be prepared well from the best available sources.

IAS Syllabus

Solve mock test papers:

Try to solve mock tests and IAS Previous Year Papers as much as you can. By doing this you increase the accuracy and speed extensively.

Clear basics:

Try and try! Clear all the basics as this habit will lead you to cover maximum % with full efficiency. Begin your preparation going with one subject and prepare and complete it first. Then begin with another one subject. All the subjects should be prepared one by one along with this make it a habit to know current affairs, study the newspaper and weekly magazine to get updated about the daily events.

Updated Current Affairs To Crack The Exam

Important to do at Exam Time

  • Read limited books which ever you found suitable. Gain more by Reading newspapers and current affairs.
  • From beginning only make a habit of reading what is important from the exam point of view. But, spend only 45 minutes to 60 minutes for newspaper daily.
  • While preparing make a suitable timetable and complete the syllabus within a time. Make your own notes. But don’t spend more time in preparing notes. Make point-wise notes which can be reversed very easily with less time.

Lastly point is very important that is don’t be hurry while reading the question paper or attempting it. Read slowly in general and so that it is understandable to know what is asked. Otherwise, there is a possibility wrong answer. Therefore, follow questions’ properly. Below we are providing you exam patter of prelims and main for guidance. The Civil Service Examination is a tough exam and its format is complicated!

Therefore, we have provided you exam pattern, syllabus and few helpful guidelines. Go well through it. The complete exam pattern and format of the exam is stated well in the below context.

IAS Best Reference Books

First is, “Preliminary exams” is a test to select suitable candidates to promote them for a next level and these includes two papers:

  1. General Studies (150 marks)
  2. Some optional subject (300 marks)

Questions in General Studies paper mainly consists of:

  • Important Current Affairs ‘National and International’
  • Mental Ability and Basics of Statistics etc.
  • General and Periodic Science
  • Indian federation & Economy
  • History of India
  • Geography of India and World

Questions on planning, current affairs, budgeting, latest political issues, natural surroundings, culture & nationalism etc are expected every year.

IAS Exam Pattern

Optional subject paper

Here you have to select a subject of your choice as the exam stream, you want to appear:

  • Botany
  • Sociology
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Indian History
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Science
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Zoology

Secondly, After done with step 1.

Wait for the result, till you don’t get sure about that whether you are selected or not for the “Mains”! Once the result is out, start your preparation. This exam, consist of total “9” papers, as follows:

  • 1 General Essay type (200 marks)
  • 2 General Studies (300 marks each)
  • 1 Essay type Indian Language Qualifying (300 marks)
  • 1 English  Qualifying (300 marks)
  • 4 Optional subjects (300 marks each)

Then lastly, if you’ll qualify the “main examination” phase, go for an interview. In an interview, one elected on basis of his/her personality and ability etc. It The above complete procedure takes around an year to be completed.

IAS Toppers Success Stories

**“If the thing is already accomplished by someone! Then you can also surely do it!
in case the thing is not been done by anyone! Then you must intend to do it!”

So, if anybody discourages you “it cannot be done in the first attempt”, then make it in your mind that you only you have to do it.

All the Best!

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