How To Become A Teacher | Courses, Career Prospects And Salary In India

By | February 14, 2015

How To Become A Teacher

If you are thinking about becoming a teacher, then this page will give you valuable information about How to become a Teacher, what courses you have done to be a teacher, Career Prospects And Salary of teachers In India. It’s a profession with excellent rewards and challenges. A teacher performs with students and helps them in learning the concepts.  There are various methods to become a teacher; we can help you in finding a direction that’s best for you.

Criteria to become a Teacher

There are many paths to becoming an excellent teacher. Which direction you take to a educating profession is depend on a number of aspects, such as whether you want to teach in a public or private school/college, where you want to work, what grade level you want to educate, whether you want to teach special education student and subject area or place of interest in which you want to experts, if any.

Public or Private School

Public school/college teachers operating anywhere, they must have at least a bachelor’s degree as B.Ed, B.Tc etc. Private school/college teachers often need one as well.

Best Career Options

Where Do You Want to Work?

The state in which you want to perform could figure out your academic specifications, particularly if you don’t want to go through a teacher training course and instead major in another subject.

What Grade Level Do You Want to Teach?

You will enroll in a training program particular to the grade level you want to teach: Beginning Child years Education (usually pre-school to Grade 3), Primary Education (Grade 6) or Secondary Education (Grades 7 through 12) or degree courses.

What subject do you want to teach?

If you want to educate at secondary level, your degree should be appropriate to the subject you want to educate. If you don’t have that then you might have to complete a subject improvement course.

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Do You Want to Teach Regular or Special Education Students?

If you want to perform with students who have disabilities, you must get unique coaching. This coaching sometimes continues more time than training does for normal education and education teachers.

Career Prospects as a Teacher

Basics Teachers and professors create class room curriculum, educate programs, proctor examinations, and learners toward educational achievements. Although all teachers have the same basic work functions, their jobs may differ considerably based on their class room positioning and specialty.

The direction to becoming an instructor is a bit different from other profession. Teachers work in either private schools or public schools.  Teachers also work in

  • Elementary schools
  • Middle schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Preschools

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Deciding Where to Teach

Teach at a public school

This is the basic, state-funded school where the majority of students will be found. This requires the most amounts of endeavor and training but tends to lead to more protected profession and advantages.

Teach at a private school

Private educational institutions are those run by organizations or churches which often need perhaps a better education. A formal certification may not be necessary but a high degree often is.

Teach at a college

You can also teach at a college. This usually needs at least Masters degree, and most times a PhD.

Teach at an online school

If you want to avoid getting proper credentials but you have a degree in an appropriate field, you can get a job as a teacher at an online school/ university. This will probably not pay as well, there will be less job security, and you may not have accessibility advantages, but you can perform from house and your routine may be more versatile.

Latest Teaching Jobs

Be A Private Tutor

If you find that these tracks are all too complicated for you, you can also just be a private tutor. You can be a part of a coaching center/ institutes. They provide much more versatility and one-on-one contact.


Now that you know how to become a teacher and how to become a college lecturer/professor, you may be fascinated to know how much money they make. Most persons enter in the teaching field because they are passionate, not because they expect to make a lot of money.

Qualified teachers who are certified will find a variety of salaries, benefits and opportunities available to them. Still, incomes differ widely, based on whether you teach at a public or private school, whether you teach summer school, what area of study you teach, what experience you have before teaching, and the level you teach. The greatest variable of all, though, may the state in which you teach.

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