Google Interview Experience 2015 | Share Latest Experience/Hiring Process

By | March 23, 2015

Google Interview Experience 2015

Hi, I am going to share my Google Interview Experience for all those who are planning to apply against Google Recruitment 2015. I am going to share the Latest Experience of Google interview that was happened to me. You can also obtain the Hiring Process as well, please have a look..!!!

An interview opportunity at Google is like a dream come true. I got an interview opportunity at Google and now I want to share my Google Interview Experience with you guys. Every year massive number of resumes is received by Google and each and every submitted resume is first reviewed and then it is screened.

After completing recruitment process, participant is actually got placed in Google. There is always a puzzle or some doubt in mind about Google hiring process so here I am giving my views that how this procedure executes.

My Google Interview Experience

My experience with Google starts when an email was sent to me by a staff member of Google. The e-mail was about a Software Engineer role and preferably it is my choice position. After that I went to a phone interview process under which recruiter asked my qualification and some questions related to general knowledge.

After completing that part, some technical questions and questions regarding projects that I had worked whose list is given in my resume were asked. The call procedure ends here. I was quiet happy with my performance because all the answers I had given in a fair and accurate way.

Preparation for interview:

The next week recruiter sent me an email and gave me an on-site interview opportunity. I was very excited about this chance and start revising concepts of C, C++ and searching algorithms like insertion sort, selection sort, heap sort etc which I had studied in database structure. I prepared all the material and wrote it out on a notebook without seeing help from a book and this makes me confident as well as motivated.

On-site Interview:

On next day with my full preparation I went to recruiter from whom I received a call. He takes me to a small conference room where four members were sitting and all seems to be experienced employees. Without wasting any time, they start the interview round by giving me questions related to coding part.

Each interviewer asked only one question and told me to write code either on paper or on white board. The choice of language depends totally on interviewer. He asked me to write coding in C language. I was very careful at each step and was using good variables and make sure about the braces.

After 1 hour of this interview session, I got a 30 min. break time so that I can rest and eat something. After break time, I had two more interviews.

Google Hiring Process

Google interview process is designed in a very standard way and it actually evaluates best fit persons to work at Google. The process is carried out in some steps described below:

Step 1:

Apply for Jobs: The very first thing to do is that you are required to submit your curriculum vitae. The only thing you had to do is to browse for a job on and upload your resume.

Step 2:

Screening of Resumes: After uploading, submitted resumes are first screened by recruiters by keeping in mind some necessary requirements like technical necessities, requisite qualifications and experience. If in case, the resume is not find suitable according to requirement, then no response is given to it but if it fits, then next step starts i.e. Telephonic Interview.

Step 3:

Telephonic Interview: This process takes a very short period of time. Recruiter calls you and asks about your qualification, working experience (if any).After asking all these stuffs, it will ask questions related to technical qualification if you have applied for any technical job i.e. questions are asked according to the job you had applied for.

Step 4:

Personal Interview: If you are selected in phone interview, then an email will be sent and you will be called for face to face interview session which will be taken by some eligible and experienced person having similar job role.

If you had applied for technical job then they will ask you to write coding part and if for non-technical job like marketing etc. then you are required to do some other work related to that field.

Step 5:

Review of Interview: Applicants appeared in interview round; they are given ranking according to their performances. Then based on ranking position, their names are given to selection panel for taking further decisions.

Step 6:

Selection Panel: Under this department, senior authorities will check selected candidates resume, their qualifications, working experience and feedback from previous interview rounds. If they find an individual suitable, then final selection is made by executives of company.

Step 7:

Executor Decision:  Once an executor gives its stamp then that means an applied contender is appointed for the post they had applied for.

Step 8:

Offer Letter: Finally the applicant is given offer letter which contains all details in it like position name, training time period, salary detail etc.

Ending up my Google Experience

It was really an awesome experience with Google. I enjoyed every part of my hiring session. Though questions were very challenging but I never lose my confidence and try my best all the time.

After two weeks, I received positive feedback from the recruiter and that moment I thought it was my biggest achievement in life. I really can’t forget that day.

 I hope that my Google interview experience will give some help to you and I also pray that you people also got an opportunity to work at Google.

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