GATE Question Paper 2014 With Solution Download Previous Year Sample Paper

By | June 4, 2014

GATE Question Paper 2014

Students who are preparing of Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2014 can take an idea of GATE Question Paper 2014 from the previous year sample papers. The GATE Previous Year Questions Papers are available for all 21 subjects with solutions. Candidates can download it through the online process.

GATE 2014 Sample papers are not available only for the 22th subjects “Ecology and Evolution”. All the students, the sample paper will help to understand the exam pattern, question’s type and duration period of time.

To crack the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2014, you must do your preparations with the help of previous years sample papers and can download it subject wise from the official website.

 GATE Previous Year Sample Paper with Solutions:-

Ques1: A students is Required to demonstrate a high level of comprehension of the subject, especially in the social science. What the closest meaning to “comprehension” is

  1. understanding
  2. meaning
  3. concentration
  4. stability

Ans1: understanding

Ques2: Find the odd one in the following group: ALRVX, EPVZB, ITZDF, OYEIK:-

  1. ALRVX
  2. EPVZB
  3. ITZDF
  4. OYEIK


Ques3: For BEES is an acronym for

  1. Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability.
  2. Built Environment and Ecological Society
  3. Building for Energy and Environment Sustainability
  4. Built Environment and Engineering Services

Ans3: Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability

Ques4: Among the following, the one that is NOT a land assembly technique is

  1. Land Use Zoning
  2. Accommodation Reservation
  3. Town Planning Scheme
  4. Transfer of development Right

Ans4: Land Use Zoning

Ques5: Horizontally Wedge -shaped Treads in stairways are termed as

  1. Stringers
  2. Winders
  3. Scotia
  4. Newel

Ans5: Winders

Ques6: Suppose you break a stick of unit length at a point chosen uniformly at random. Then the expected length of the shorter stick is ________ .

Ans6:  0.24 to 0.27

Ques7: Which one of the following is FALSE?

  1. User level threads are not scheduled by the kernel
  2. When a user level thread is blocked, all other threads of its process are blocked
  3. Context switching between user level threads is faster than context switching between kernel level threads
  4. Kernel level threads cannot share the code segment

Ans7: Kernel level threads cannot share the code segment

Ques8: The maximum non-PV work that a system can perform at constant P is

  1. ∆H
  2. ∆G
  3. ∆S
  4. ∆A

Ans8: ∆G

Ques9: In atomic absorption spectroscopy, the atomization process utilizes

  1. Flame
  2. electric field
  3. magnetic field
  4. electron beam

Ans9: Flame

Ques10: An increase in the base recombination of a BJT will increase

  1. the common emitter dc current gain β
  2. the breakdown voltage BVCEO
  3. the unity-gain cut-off frequency f
  4. the transconductance gm

Ans10: the breakdown voltage BVCEO

Ques11: Let R be a ring. If R x[ ]is a principal ideal domain, then R is necessarily a

  1. Unique Factorization Domain
  2. Principal Ideal Domain
  3. Euclidean Domain
  4. Field

Ans11: Field

Ques12: If a cubic polynomial passes through the points (0, 1), (1, 0), (2, 1) and (3, 10), then it also passes through the point

  1. (-2-11)
  2. (-1-2)
  3. (-1-4)
  4. (-2-23)

Ans12: (-1-2)

 Ques13: Flow around a Rankine half -body is represented by the superposition of

  1. source and vortex flows.
  2. source and uniform flows
  3. vortex and uniform flows.
  4. source, vortex and uniform flows

Ans13:   source and uniform flows

Ques14: In a steady state two-dimensional potential flow field due to a point source, the acceleration of a particle at a distance r from the point source is

  1. proportional to 1 r− .
  2. proportional to r.
  3. a constant
  4. proportional to 3 r− .

Ans14: proportional to 3 r− .

Ques15: A manufacturing plant , working in 2 shifts of 8 hrs each, produces 30,000 switch boards using a set of 7 workstations in series. The cycle time, in seconds, is _______

Ans15: 1.9 to 2.0

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