FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule – Time To Play Some Ball In Brazil

By | June 11, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is the 20th installment of FIFA World Cup.  FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule is well framed below. 12th June 2014 to 13th July 2014 is the Time fixed to Play Some Ball in Brazil.

The Germany National Football Team

Winner Of The FIFA World Cup In 2014


The clash of the team will be continuing for 32 days in the various locations in Brazil. The competition between the world’s best 32 teams is going to be full of adventure. Lots of TV channels are all set to telecast the entire tournament.

The Indian Fans can obtain the FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule well framed below. This is to be noticed that that according to Indian Time Zone, the Football World Cup will start from 13th June 2014.

Here is the FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule:

Group Matches Date Time
A Brazil Vs. Croatia Thursday 12 June 21:00
Mexico Vs. Cameroon Friday 13 June 17:00
B Spain Vs. Netherlands 20:00
Chile Vs. Australia 23:00
C Colombia Vs. Greece Saturday 14 June 17:00
D Uruguay Vs. Costa Rica 20:00
England Vs. Italy 23:00
C Côte d’Ivoire Vs. Japan Sunday 15 June 02:00
E Switzerland Vs. Ecuador 17:00
France Vs. Honduras 20:00
F Argentina Vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina 23:00
Iran Vs. Nigeria Monday 16 June 20:00
G Germany Vs. Portugal 17:00
Ghana Vs. USA 23:00
A Brazil Vs. Mexico Tuesday 17 June 20:00
H Belgium Vs. Algeria 17:00
Russia Vs. South Korea 23:00
A Cameroon Vs. Croatia Wednesday 18 June 23:00
B Australia Vs. Netherlands 17:00
Spain Vs. Chile 20:00
C Colombia Vs. Côte d’Ivoire Thursday 19 June 17:00
Japan Vs. Greece 23:00
D Uruguay Vs. England 20:00
Italy Vs. Costa Rica Friday 20 June 17:00
E Switzerland Vs. France 20:00
Honduras Vs. Ecuador 23:00
F Argentina Vs. Iran Saturday 21 June 17:00
Nigeria Vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina 23:00
G Germany Vs. Ghana 20:00
USA Vs. Portugal Sunday 22 June 23:00
H Belgium Vs. Russia 17:00
South Korea Vs. Algeria 20:00
A Cameroon Vs. Brazil Monday 23 June 21:00
Croatia Vs. Mexico 21:00
B Australia Vs. Spain 17:00
Netherlands Vs. Chile 17:00
C Greece Vs. Côte d’Ivoire Tuesday 24 June 21:00
Japan Vs. Colombia 21:00
D Costa Rica Vs. England 17:00
Italy Vs. Uruguay 17:00
E Ecuador Vs. France Wednesday 25 June 21:00
Honduras Vs. 21:00
F Bosnia and Herzegovina Vs. Iran 17:00
Nigeria Vs. Argentina 17:00
G Portugal Vs. Ghana Thursday 26 June 17:00
USA Vs. Germany 17:00
H Algeria Vs. Russia 21:00
South Korea Vs. Belgium 21:00
Group Knockout Stage Group A Winner Vs. Group B Second Place Saturday 28 June 17:00
Group C Winner Vs. Group D Second Place 21:00
Group B Winner Vs. Group A Second Place Sunday 29 June 17:00
Group D Winner Vs. Group C Second Place Monday 30 June 21:00
Group E Winner Vs. Group F Second Place 17:00
Group G Winner Vs. Group H Second Place Tuesday 1 July 21:00
Group F Winner Vs. Group E Second Place 17:00
Group H Winner Vs. Group G Second Place 21:00
Quarter-Finalist 5 Vs. Quarter-Finalist 6 Friday 4 July 17:00
Quarter-Finalist 1 Vs. Quarter-Finalist 2 21:00
Quarter-Finalist 7 Vs. Quarter-Finalist 8 Saturday 5 July 17:00
Quarter-Finalist 3 Vs. Quarter-Finalist 4 21:00
Winner Quarter-Final 1 Vs. Winner Quarter-Final 2 Tuesday 8 July 21:00
Winner Quarter-Final 3 Vs. Winner Quarter-Final 4 Wednesday 9 July 21:00
Semi-Final 1 Loser Vs. Semi-Final 2 Loser Saturday 12 July 21:00
Semi-Final 1 Winner Vs. Semi-Final 2 Winner Sunday 13 July 20:00




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