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By | March 26, 2015

Facebook Interview Experience 2015

Hello Readers,

I am Kriti Arora from Hyderabad and sharing my Facebook Interview Experience 2015 with you. Here on this page, I am presenting summary of my overall Facebook Interview Process. Hope you guys like it and take some knowledge from it.

As we all know working at Facebook sounds to be a dream changes into reality and this happened with me. I got an interview opportunity at Facebook and now I am very eager to tell my Facebook Interview Experience to others online, so that one’s who are going to face it, take some help from this blog and get succeeded.

My Facebook Interview Experience

Name: Kriti Arora

Age: 22years

Interview Venue: Bangalore

Qualification: B.Tech in Computer Science

Job Role: Software Engineer

How I got this Facebook Interview Opportunity?

Few days back, I was chatting with my friend on Facebook and I came to know that it has a career page also. I was already searching for jobs, so I immediately applied to it by uploading my latest resume on it in which I had given my valid email address.

After two weeks, when I was checking my mails I saw that one of the email in my inbox had a logo of Facebook. I opened it and I saw that this mail was from a recruiter of Facebook and he invites me for an interview session for software engineer role. All details like interview timing, venue has been written on that mail.

Preparation done before my Facebook Interview process starts:

As position is of Software Engineer role, so obviously questioning had been done from programming side. I prepared topics from C, C++ and Java language.

Books that I had read during my preparation time:

  • Algorithms in C by Robert Sedgewick.
  • Effective Java, by Joshua Bloch
  • Introduction to Algorithms, by Cormen
  • Programming Pearls, by Jon Bentley

And of course, internet is one of biggest source where you can easily take help and gather information.

Facebook Interview Day Arises:

I got up early in morning, so as to do some revision and get ready at time. I leave my home before one hour my interview session starts. I reached that place and after a few wait, one of the recruiter members welcomed me and takes me to an interview room where five persons were sitting. All were looking damn cool; I was hoping that my opinion can’t change.

As I entered the room, I wished all of them Good Morning, they replied me and told me to take my seat.

My feelings at Interview Room:

I was feeling very nervous and was quite shivering. But inside I was thinking that none of the interviewer catches me nervous as it is not a positive sign. One of female members from selection panel noticed me and asks me to relax and take a glass of water.

When Interviewer started Questioning Me:

Interviewer: Give me a brief introduction about yourself?

Me: I replied by saying that I am Kriti Arora from Hyderabad. I had done my schooling from D.A.V. and completed my B.Tech in 2014 from Chitkara University.

Int: Why you want to work at Facebook?

Me: I am very passionate about education and always want to learn something new, and I think that working at Facebook will definitely helps me in enhancing my skills.

Int: Name any motivational movie, you have seen yet?

Me: I replied by saying “PK”.

Int: Which language do you have studied or under gone training?

Me: C, C++, Java

Int: Tell me Other than in For statement, when is the comma operator used?

Me: It is used for separating variable declarations, function arguments, and expressions.

Int: Differentiate goto and long jmp( ) and setjmp()?

Me: A goto statement implements a local jump of program execution whereas longjmp() and setjmp() functions implement a nonlocal jump of program execution.

Int: What is purpose of Garbage collector in Java?

Me: To destroy those objects which are no longer used by a program so that their resources can be used again .

Int: What is the first argument of the String array in main () method?

Me: String array is empty. It does not have any element.

Int: Can there be multiple main () methods in the same class?

Me: No, if there would be, then program could not compiles.

Int: Can a top level class be private or protected?

Me: No, it can’t be private or protected. It should be either ‘public’ or no modifier.

Int: Name C++ access specifiers?

Me: Private, Public, Protected.

Int: What is data abstraction?

Me: It means hiding of internal structure and sees only relevant part to outside world.

Int: Ok Kriti, thank you and you can leave now?

Me: Thank you sirs and mam.

Overall my Facebook Interview Experience was interesting and all panel members were also very lenient. As results are not yet declared, I am praying that the outcome came should be positive only.

So guys, after reading this blog, we hope that you have gained some knowledge from Facebook Interview Experience of Kriti Arora. If you also had faced any interview, then please share your views, suggestions on our web portal.

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