English Preparation Tips – Competitive Guidelines For Vocab/Grammar

By | August 20, 2014

English Preparation Tips

Why English when it’s not easy to learn? Knowing English can make a person workable in each country of the globe as it will make him / her bilingual. The candidates who want to make their preparation good in English; here in this article we are proving you the Guidelines for the Competitive Examinations in the Vocabulary, Comprehension and Grammar sections for enhancing your communication capabilities.

How to Prepare For Written Exam

Preparation Tips for English Competitive Exams:

English is a main section in approximately all the competitive exams of today’s human race. If you don’t have good command on this language makes less probability to survive in this competitive world. This language is used in all the Job Entrance exams in Public as well as Private Sector. If you want to crack the examination with good scores you just have to concentrate on following as the quite regularly in Competitive exams are based on:

  • Vocabulary test
  • Comprehension skills
  • Grammar test

Increase your General Knowledge

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Guidelines / Tips To Enhance Vocab, Grammar, and Comprehension Skills:

Tips for Vocabulary:

If an individual want to build a perfect vocabulary, then it’s in his / her own hand to do so. Vocabulary is not extended by just learning the words but Vocab can be increased by taking them to your daily routine. If you want to enhance Vocab/Grammar effectively start reading English newspapers regularly, watch news channels and movies to know how to speak the things and keep understanding and learning the new words form there and try to use them also.

Comprehension Skills:

For scoring the good marks in Comprehension, vocabulary of a person need to be good. Comprehension, it’s the section in which one can obtain the full marks, if the given passage is understandable to him / her. If you are not having an excellent vocab, strive to build it, you may also make an effort to narrate the meaning of tough words in terms of the sentence and clause specified to help you for understanding the comprehension.

Grammar Preparation: If a person wants to improve his / her grammatical skills the thing he / she have to do is practice. Just learn the basic rules of it and implement in your English and check your own written sentences on Internet or it can be checked in some other means and it’s the perfect way for improving your Grammar.

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