Earn While You Learn – Online Job Program / Schemes for Students in India

By | June 11, 2014

Earn While You Learn

“Earn while you learn”, this innovative scheme has different meaning for different people. If we concern about the students then “Earn while you learn” means only to become economically dependent.

For the students the reason to earn money while studying is that, the expenditure of the students is more than their pocket money. This is the situation, when they decide to earn money with their study. This process earns them not only money, but it has some other benefits. The objective of these online job programs is to earn them money, but also they help the students in many ways like-

  • Provide experience to the students and prepare them for a better job in future
  • To engage the students in meaningful and positive activities
  • To achieve better efficiency
  • Enhance student’s ability to face various issues related to the business work environment in future.

There are several online job programsfor the students, through which the students earn money and become self-dependent. These schemes for studenthelp the students financially. The list of several part time job programs which may help you to follow the scheme “Earn while you learn”is given as under

Online/Digital Marketing

Online marketing helps the students to earn money while studying because it is a direct online sale business without consuming more time. Lots of marketing companies/websites invites students for Online/Digital Marketing.

Data Entry Operator

The students can easily do the job of online data entry operator. There is no issue of timing it means, the students can submit the work reportwhen they want.

Giving Tuitions

Tuitions are the most effective and positive style to keep earning because not only money but also it helps to keep their knowledge strong.

Food Corner (Pizza Hut/Macdonald)-

Students can do a part time job in food corner. It also helps the students to keep earning without too much work load.

Customer Support

The students can adopt customer support job because the students can do this type of job whenever they got time. Here the students have to handle the queries of the customers

Online HR/Recruitment

Online HR executive job may also be very helpful for the students because through this the communication level of the students become well.


There are several tour and travel agencies which provides the job for students because the work is too easy as compare to other works

So guys if we you want to follow the scheme “Earn while you learn” then you can adopt any one of the strategy mentioned above and become economically independent

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