CUSAT CAT Previous Year Question Papers, Sample Papers with Solutions

By | November 6, 2014

CUSAT CAT Previous Year Question Papers

CUSAT CAT Previous Year Question Papers are available on this page by which you can prepare well. Sample papers with solutions helps a lot in better preparation and cracking the examination, so take a look on this page of CUSAT CAT exam includes the objective type questions for the subject of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as settled below

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CUSAT CAT Sample Question with Solution

If f(x) is an odd function, then | f(x) | is

The period of 2 sin x cos x is

The period of | sin (3x) | is

20 % of 2 is equal to

If Log 4 (x) = 12, then log 2 (x / 4) is equal to

Log 465 =

The reference angle to angle a = -1280o is equal to

The exact value of cos(127 Pi/3) is given by

If Log(x - y) = 3 and Log(x + y) = 4, then x =

Angle x = 11 Pi / 3 is coterminal to angle y given by

When the planet comes nearer the sun moves

The period of geostationary artificial satellite is

The escape velocity of projection from the earth is approximately (R = 6400 km)

Who among the following first gave the experimental velocity of G?

Geo-stationary satellite

Who is regarded as father of modern chemistry?

Which is not a type of elements?

Which acid is present in lemon?

Rare gases are

What among following is used to produce artificial rain ?

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