Civil Services Interview Questions – Best Tips To Crack Interview

By | November 8, 2014

Civil Services Interview Questions

Candidates who are preparing for the civil services interview and want to select in the interview so there are the Best Tips to Crack Interview. We have bought you some Civil Services Interview Questions by which the chances of your selection increases.

Civil Services Interview Questions

How was the Qualifying Exam? Is there any particularly tough section?

In this question the recruiter wants to know that how you dealt with the tough questions. How you use your logicality and intelligence in solving the questions.

Tell me something different about yourself?

In this question the interviewer wants to know that your eligibility, capability, academic achievement etc. Be brief with your answer and show positive attitude in your answers.

Why should we hire you?

In this question you should tell the recruiter about your qualities and describe yourself which is beneficial according to their requirements.

What do you do in your leisure time?

You should answer this question with full confidence because it doesn’t matter what you do in your free time but your answer will show that you are all rounder student.

What are you doing before applying here?

You should tell about your experiences and companies. Don’t say that you have never applied for any job than it will put bad impression on the employer you have to say that You have applied for many jobs or say that you are preparing for the entrance exams (such as UPSC).

When and why did you decide to go for Civil Services?

In this question you should tell about the interest for civil services and give some motivational and good examples of Civil Services.

Do you consider yourself successful?

You should give the answer in “YES” with positive attitude and full confidence. In this question you should tell them about your achievements and your goals.

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Best Tips to Crack Interview

Handle Smartly:

Participants have to handle the answer smartly and accurately mean you have to give the answer which the recruiter wants to listen not what you want to say.


A proverb says ‘Confidence is the key to success” and it’s true because a recruiter will only select the confident man, so give your answer with confidence. If internally you are lacking in confidence don’t show it externally.

Positive Attitude:

Give the answers of the interviewer with the positive attitude no matter whether your answer is correct or not have a positive attitude.

Communicate Well:

Have a very well communication while answering the question and maintain the momentum of the communication. While answering the question make an eye contact with the recruiter in a positive way.

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Don’t be Nervous:

Mainly everyone has nervousness before interview but you must have the capability to control your nervousness and not to show your nervousness in front of the recruiter else you have to show him that you are confident.

Practice Your Answers:

Practice your answer means ready the answer which was generally asked in the interview such as, Tell me something different about yourself, why should we hire you etc.

Know Yourself:

You must know yourself, your weaknesses, your strong traits, hobbies, achievements etc. You must be aware with yourself and when asked to describe yourself. You have to be perfect in your answers.

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Body Language:

You have to make positive and active postures in front of the interviewer because they will note everything about you. So there is no point to make mistakes.

Give Examples:

While communicating examples help you to communicate well and present and describe yourself properly. It will tell about your past life to the recruiter but your examples should not be boring as well as it has to be interesting.

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