Career In Interior Design – Courses, Job Details, Scope & Salary In India

By | February 18, 2015

Career In Interior Design

Designing is the mingle of inventive ability and creativity. Design encompasses a number of various fields. It can be generally divided into four i.e., Fashion designing, Product designing, Graphic designing and Interior designing. Here you can get the complete details about Career in Interior design, its Scope & Salary in India etc.

Interior designing is the agreement of existing space i.e. assembling, managing and scheduling of the interiors of rooms at homes, offices, retail shops, showrooms, hotels, airports, exhibition halls, discussion centers, theatres, TV and film studios and commercial establishments etc.

The intention of designing space is to attain functionality and to make the accurate kind of atmosphere for the correct budget. Interior designing as a specialization is admired only in the last few years. Previously architects would do all the design work, both exteriors and interiors themselves.

Best Career Options

Interior Design-Career Information:

With a customer  tastes, requirements, and budget in mind, interior designers prepare drawings and condition for non-load-bearing interior construction, this includes selection and beautification of walls, base, roofs, option and position of furniture and further indoor items, glass treatments and further interior objects, lighting and control of visual and sound effects. Interior Designer should be responsive of the change in trends and keep up with the most recent styles.

Interior designing course has become famous and well-liked in the last few years, there are only a few institute which offers reputed programmes in interior designing in India. School of Interior Design, Ahmedabad offers Five-year programme / J.J School of Arts, Mumbai offers 4 years Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). Unlike several other careers, design without doubt needs both a well-built aptitude as well as an imaginative talent in the field.

Courses Eligibility Criteria:

The 4 years Bachelor of fine Arts (BFA) programme put forward specialization in Interior Design. The school of Interior design, CEPT, Ahmedabad present 5 year professional programme in Interior design  for those who have passed +2 with minimum 55% marks in Maths/Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English.

There are numerous private association which put forward certificate courses for interior designing, qualification necessary for such courses is SSLC. Interior designers’ success depend on their capability to gratify clients for that, they must acquire certain skills- artistic, technical interpersonal and management skills. Interior designers require to be creative, innovative, self-motivated and good at listening.

Best Ways to improve communication skills

Marvelous communication skill is necessary for an interior designer, as they need to explain their thoughts and necessities to clients and other professionals such as builders and electricians and must have a high level of technical information about past and present technique of architecture, computer-aided design skills, artworks, building materials and infrastructure, texture and lightings and capable to analyze the cost of a design and to work out a budget. Interior designers must have good eyesight and normal Colour vision. In addition, they also require to be able to encourage confidence in their clients and at times believe criticism.

Job Details:

Interior design is one of the highest growing professional fields. There are lots of employment prospect for interior designers in various fields such as in architectural firms, builders, public works department, lodge and resort chains, hospitals, town planning bureau, regional and metropolitan development works, private consultancies, studios and theaters and exhibition organizers.

Career as a Fashion Designer

Scope In Interior Design:

Interior design is one of the best ever rising professional fields. There are plenty of employment opportunities for interior designers in various fields as tailored below:

Types of jobs available for an Interior Designer are as under:

  • Commercial Interior Designer
  • Furniture Desiner
  • Kitchen and Bath Designer
  • Lighting Consultant
  • Residentail Interior Designer
  • Retail Store Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Showroom Manager (Window Designer)
  • vSpace Planner
  • Architectural Designer & Planner
  • vLandscape Designing
  • Restoration & Renovation of Structures

Interior designer Salary In India

Interior designer is an enormously satisfying profession. Earnings for interior designers vary extensively depending on the type of design they do. Beginner’s monthly salary of Interior designer exists in between, Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10,000 while an established designer gets Rs.50, 000 to Rs. 75,000.

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