Career after 12th in India Guidance – Which Stream To Choose After 12th

By | June 14, 2014

Career after 12th

When the vacations begin after the 12th examination then every student has one topic to discuss with everyone that “which Stream To Choose after 12th”. For the students, this is a big topic to discuss because “Career after 12th” is one of the important identities for them.

Among the students the concern about their career is increasing day by day because everyone wants the best job and career. So for walking a step ahead in this competitive generation you must have a proper planning about your career.

There are several paths to take after passing 12th. But before choosing any one of them you have to concern about a lot of things like your interest, your capabilities and resource available that would affect your decision. Hence you need to give in a proper time to figure out your career options.

Besides these all things one factor is there which affects your decision and that factor is your subjects in the 12th standard. So according to your streams there are a lot of career options in which you can make your future and career brighter. We are giving you the guideline about your career after 12th. According to your interest you can choose any one from them.

Courses after 12th in Arts:

There are a lot of options for the students passing their 12th in arts. There are a wide variety of courses according to the interest of the students. Some options are very academically demanding which takes a long time for study and some are personality oriented. The list of the courses is

a)    Bachelor of arts (B.A.)

b)    Bachelor of business application (B.B.A.)

c)    Bachelor of computer application (B.C.A.)

d)    Hotel management

e)    Fashion designing

f)    Bachelor of law (LLB)

For the students who want to join the government sector then they can prefer B.A. and LLB because you may apply for teaching, defence services (IS/IPS/IAS) etc. Otherwise you may go for other degrees which are the best in private sector.

Courses after 12th in commerce:

If you have inclinations towards numbers and data or if you are more interested in analytical studies compared to other streams then there are various courses in which you can make your career. For example

a)    Bachelor of commerce (B.Com.)

b)    Charter accountant (C.A.)

c)    Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics

d)    Bachelor of Business Management in Computer Application

e)    Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Finance

f)    Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Finance

g)    Bachelor of Business Studies

h)    Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Taxation

i)     Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance

j)     Bachelor of Commerce in Banking Management

k)    Diploma courses

l)     Diploma in Banking and Insurance Management

m)  Diploma in E-Commerce

If you want to get success step by step then you can choose C.A. option first otherwise go for any stream mentioned above because they also having a good scope.

Courses after 12th in science (biology):

If you are a science student with biology as a main subject then there are several courses in which you can continue your study. Some of them are given as under-

a)    Bachelor of science (B.Sc.)

b)    MBBS

c)    BDS

d)    Bio Medical

e)    Biosciences

f)    General Physician

g)    Food Technology

Courses after 12th in science (MATHS):

For the math’s students all the ways are always opened because math’s is the only subject which is needed in every field rather than biological field. So the students belong to math’s stream can entered in any field of their choice. Beside this the core courses of the math are:

a)    Engineering

b)    Bachelor of science (B.Sc.)

c)    Architecture

The courses mentioned above have several branches like computer science, information technology, electrical, electronics, mechanical, civil etc. you can choose the branch of your choice.

So guys these are the several paths to chosen. Now it’s depending on you that in which field you want to make your career.

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