BITSAT Previous Year Papers 2014 – 2015 Questions With Solutions Pdf Online

By | November 6, 2014

BITSAT Previous Year Papers 2014

Candidates who are preparing for BITSAT 2015 exam require BITSAT Previous Year Papers 2014 to boost themselves for exam. Participants who want to furnish themselves for an exam can download Online Pdf that will provide you questions with solutions for exam through this page.

BITSAT Questions With Solutions

If FRAGRANCE is written as SBHSBODFG, how can IMPOSING be written?

Choose the word which is least like the others word in a group?

Find the number which when added to itself 13 times gives 112.

If r = 5 z then 15 z = 3 y, then r =

I met the boy who was my friend’s brother and whom name was Akash.

The Unprecedented economic growth of China has ________ worldwide attention.

Which one of the following is the correct statement?

The organic chloro compound, which shows complete stereochemical inversion during a SN2 reaction, is

Glucose and amino acids are reabsorbed in the

Which one is imino acid?

Which of the following law states that “good absorbers of heat are good emitters”?

Evaporation: Cloud: Rain  

Find the number which when added to itself 13 times gives 112.

What is 35% of a number if 12 is 15% of a number?

Economic development and education have________ women more assertive

Select the proper suffix in King

Phenol, when it first reacts with concentrated sulphuric acid and then with concentrated nitric acid, gives

ACTH is secreted from

The Gastrin is secreted from

Acid rain is caused by

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