Bank Interview Questions And Answers For Fresher Free PDF With Solution

By | June 5, 2014

Bank Interview Questions and Answers

Bank Interview is the final and most important step of getting selection in banks. Candidates who qualified in written exam conducted by bank get a chance to face interview.

Before attending interview aspirants have to prepare well by gather knowledge related to bank history, latest happening in financial sector, economic policies, RBI policies, current affairs, GK and more.

Aspirants should download the free PDF of Bank Interview questions with solution which is available online for the freshers.

Here we are providing some Bank Interview Question and Answers for freshers. Candidates must check it below-

Bank Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1) Tell me about yourself?

Answer) It is a first question where interview want to know about your family, education, your qualities and your skills. Give a short description about your family background and highlight your qualities and skills, your achievements and projects. Share your past experiences with confidence.

Question 2) What is Bank Rate?

Answer) Bank Rate is the interest rate at which the RBI allows finance to commercial banks. By Bank Rate, we mean bank can regulate the level of economic activity.

Question 3) what are your strengths and weakness?

Answer) This is a tricky question where interviewer is asking about your weakness. Answer this question carefully and tell about your strengths first. But talking too much of strengths and no weakness shows that you have an attitude. So share your weakness by turning it to your strength without having a negative impact about them.

Question 4) Can you handle Work Pressure?

Answer) This is a question which requires positive and optimistic approach. Answer positively that you will take pressure as a challenge and like to deal with it, never say that you will get blank or puzzled in pressure.

Question 5) What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Answer) This type of question could be a trap. Be realistic and answer it by saying that you always plan the things step by step that`s why you have a ready plan for the coming up year. If you say that to get a job and to settle myself in the company would be a practical answer.

Question 6) What is Repo rate and Reverse Repo Rate?

Answer) Repo rate is the rate at which the RBI lends some money to the banks while reverse repo rate is the rate at which the RBI takes money from a commercial bank. Repo rate controls inflation.

Question 7) What is the difference between Cheque and Demand Draft?

Answer) A Cheque is basically issued by an individual but a draft is issued by a bank. In a demand draft you have to pay before issuing while a check is withdrawn from the account.

Question 8) Have you applied to any other areas apart from banking?

Answer) this is a question where interviewer wants to know about your interest. Give an answer related to your stream. If you say yes then your answer will hold some other finance or sales and marketing careers – insurance or accountancy, altogether these careers should have skills related to banking.

Question 9) why do you want to join this Bank?

Answer) This is the question where interviewers is analyzing that you are serious about this opportunity or not and on this basis he decides to hire you or not. For such question you have to give an impressive answer by telling some highlights of their bank.

Question 10) Why should we hire you?

Answer) you must have to ensure interviewer that you are the most capable person for this job profile. Highlight your qualities and skills and convince him/her that you are fit for this post.

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