Arvind Kejriwal Takes Oath as Delhi CM, Shapath Grahan Samaroh Live Report

By | February 14, 2015

Arvind Kejriwal Takes Oath as Delhi CM 

Exactly one year after Arvind Kejriwal quit over Janlokpal problem, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has took pledge toady, 14 Feb 2015 at the historic Ramlila Ground as the 8th Minister of Delhi, after major AAP to a fantastic success in the set up surveys trouncing BJP.

Live Shapath Grahan Samaroh

Earlier on Friday evening, President Pranab Mukherjee appointed Kejriwal as chief minister of Delhi along with six cabinet ministers. The President, on the recommend of the chief minister, has also appointed Manish Sisodia, Asim Ahmed Khan, Sandeep Kumar, Satyendar Jain, Gopal Rai and Jitender Singh Tomar as cabinet ministers of Delhi.

Ramleela Ground As A Success Path For Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal begins his journey with an Andolan with Anna – Hazare for the battle aganist crime and now he has achieved at the optimum of achievements when he can perform for it by being an aspect of govt as he took a oath for CM of Delhi at Ramleela Ground.

Latest Current Affairs

Latest Updates

At 12:42: Kejriwal thanked people for attending the swearing-in ceremony.

At 12:38: Jitender Singh Tomar takes oath as minister in Kejriwal’s cabinet. He is the MLA from Tri Nagar

At 12:35: Gopal Rai takes oath as minister in Kejriwal’s cabinet. He is the MLA from Babarpur.

At 12:33: Satyendra Jain takes oath as minister in Kejriwal’s Cabinet. He is the MLA from Shakur Basti

At 12:29: Sandeep Kumar sworn in as minister in Kejriwal’s cabinet. He is the MLA from Sultanpur Majra.

At 12:29: Manish Sisodia is the MLA from Patparganj.

At 12:27: Asim Ahmad Khan takes oath as minister in Kejriwal’s cabinet.

At 12:27: Manish Sisodia takes oath as minister in Kejriwal Cabinet

At 12:22: Arvind Kejriwal sworn in as Delhi Chief Minister at Ramlila Maidan

Arvind Kejriwal Already Promised

New chief ministers of Delhi already promise to the Delhi public that:

  • The AAP’s manifesto includes 50% cut in power tariff
  • Free Wi-Fi across the city
  • Installation of 10-15 lakh CCTVs
  • Building of two lakh public toilets across Delhi
  • Setting up of 20 new colleges and regulating fees in private schools.
  • It also promised addition of 30,000 more beds in Delhi hospitals.
  • Eight lakh new jobs in the next five years
  • Releasing the manifesto last month
  • Electricity tariff by 50% and carry out a thorough audit of the private power distribution companies based on which rates will be revised.

Political Current Affairs

Arvind Kejriwal Shapath Grahan Samaroh Speech

Kejriwal thanks Delhi for providing such a huge support. Exactly one year ago on this day he had reconciled. Now once again AAP is making a govt in Delhi. He said, “I did not know Delhi peoples liked me so much and provided me 67 seats with the tremendous support. He says, God give me a message that it is a right time to do something big.

When such big success time happen person get arrogant, then nothing is remaining. We compensated for our arrogance in Lok Sabha surveys and god penalized us. I appeal all my ministers, MLAs and volunteers not to have any arrogance.

In his oath, he said that, we will pass the Jan Lokpal Bill as soon as possible but can’t give the exact time frame to pass this. We will work 24 hours of the public of Delhi at their best level.

If any employee consumes in assault dressed in AAP cap should be put in jail. I immediate this to all authorities. Kejriwal refutes all speculation that AAP will contest elections in other declares as well. He says, I will remain only in Delhi for next 5 years and perform for Delhi with complete commitment.

GK Questions & Answers

Kejriwal declares that he will soon start the anti-corruption complaint line. “Now if someone demands bribe, don’t reject instead record him on your cellphone and carry it to me. The phone line will soon be triggered. Kejriwal says Delhi has to be created the nation’s first corruption-free state. “I entice community to do sting operation of anyone who demands bribe.”

Kejriwal remembers the Anna – Andolan, says, “I keep in mind we used to call for battle aganist crime and destroy crime. In the 49-day of AAP govt in Delhi, bribery had disappeared from the nationwide capital. I asked for PM to run the nation, keep Delhi for those who are operating Delhi.

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