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By | June 5, 2014
  • Dear aspirants, if you are looking for APPSC Group 4 Previous Year Papers then you have reached the right destination. Here, we will give you information regarding APPSC Group 4 Model Papers.
  • Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) conducts recruitment exam every year for various Group 4 posts such as Junior Assistant, Accountant etc. in different government departments of Andhra Pradesh.
  • All those candidates who are preparing for the APPSC Group 4 recruitment must download Free PDF files of Model Papers in English to enhance their preparation.
  • In the next section you will find some of the previous year questions with answers which are mentioned below by the team of

Previous Year Questions & Answers:

Q1. High Court were established at Calcutta, Bombay and Madras in 1865 during the time of

(a) Lord Lawrence

(b) Lord Canning

(c) Lord Mayo

(d) Lord Ripon

Answer:  (a)

Q2. Indo-China war occurred in

(a) 1962

(b) 1961

(c) 1963

(d) 1964

Answer:  (a)

Q3.  Founder of Sayyid Dynasty was

(a) Timur

(b) Khizr Khan

(c) Siander Lodhi

(d) Firoz Shah Tuglak

Answer:  (b)

Q4.  The peace Organization prior to UNO was

(a) League of Nations


(c) Arab League


Answer: (a)

Q5.  The architect of League of Nations was

(a) Woodrow Wilson

(b) Roosevelt

(c) Lenin

(d) Jawaharlal Nehru

Answer: (a)

Q6.  Disaster Management includes

(a) Rehabilitation

(b) Reconstruction

(c) Mitigation

(d)All the above

Answer: (d)

Q7. The word Monsoon is derived from

(a) Greek

(b) Arabic

(c) Latin

(d) Sanskrit

Answer:  (b)

Q8.  An alloy of Copper and Zinc is

(a) Lead

(b) Brass

(c) Stainless Steel

(d) Bronze

Answer: (b)

Q9. The very first piloted helicopter was invented by

(a) Edison

(b) Hiller

(c) Lawrence

(d) Cornu

Answer: (d)

Q10.  Discoverer of Proton is

(a) J.J. Thompson

(b) Rutherford

(c) John Dalton

(d) Otto Hahn

Answer:  (b)

Q11. Pure Gold is of how many carats

(a) 22

(b) 23

(c) 24

(d) 25

Answer:  (c)

Q12. Largest Planet is

(a) Earth

(b) Jupiter

(c) Venus

(d) Mercury

Answer: (b)

Q13.  Total bones in human body is

(a) 206

(b) 216

(c) 218

(d) 204

Answer: (a)

Q14.  Greenwich mean time lags behind Indian Standard Time by

(a) 4.5 hours

(b) 5 hours

(c) 5.5 hours

(d) 6 hours

Answer:  (c)

Q15.  Agent of Air Pollution is

(a) Carbon monoxide

(b) Carbon dioxide

(c)  Hydrogen sulphide

(d) All of the above

Answer: (a)

Q16.  The super cooled liquid is

(a) Ice-cream

(b) Teflon

(c) Mercury

(d) Glass

Answer: (d)

Q17. Inventor of calculator is

(a) Pascal

(b) Paulson

(c) Gaber

(d) Mallett

Answer: (a)

Q18. Stephen Hawking is a famous

(a)  Scientist

(b) Musician

(c) Novelist

(d) Cartoonist

Answer: (a)

Q19. Who propounded the Planetary Laws

(a) Kepler

(b) Newton

(c) Galileo


Answer: (a)

Q20. Hyderabad State Congress was formed in

(a) 1936

(b) 1938

(c) 1940

(d) 1942

Answer: (b)

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