AIPMT Question Paper 2015 Download AIPMT Solved Sample Papers Free PDF

By | November 7, 2014

AIPMT Question Paper 2015:

Candidates who are preparing for AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test) require to go through AIPMT Question Paper 2015 to understand the paper format and to know the type of questions that will come in exam. Participants must download free PDF of solved sample papers to furnish themselves for exam.

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AIPMT Solved Sample Papers

Organisms called Methanogens are most abundant in a

Archegoniophore is present in

Probiotics are

A plant requires magnesium for

Differentiation of organs and tissues in a developing organism, is associated with

The frequency of a light wave in a material is 2 × 1014 Hz and wavelength is 5000 Å. The refractive index of material will be

The electric and magnetic field of an electromagnetic waves is

The phase difference between the instantaneous velocity and acceleration of a particle executing simple harmonic motion is

The total energy of electron in the ground state of hydrogen atom is – 13.6 eV. The kinetic energy of an electron in the first excited state is

A charged particle (charge q) is moving in a circle of radius R with uniform speed v. The associated magnetic moment µ is given by

RNA and DNA are chiral molecules, their chirality is due to

Reduction of aldehydes and ketones into hydrocarbons using zinc amalgam and conc. HCl is called

Which one of the following ionic species has the greatest proton affinity to form stable compound?

Which of the following oxidation states are the most characteristic for lead and tin respectively?

Which of the following is water-soluble?

Which one of the following pairs is wrongly matched?

Inheritances of skin colour in humans is an example of

A transformer is used to light a 100 W and 110 V lamp from a 220 V mains. If the main current is 0.5 amp, the efficiency of the transformer is approximately

Peptide synthesis inside a cell takes place in

Flowers are Zygomorphic in

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